December 2022 Theme

  • Digital has a couple of December preview posts up now.

    Japanese peasants (I thought that's what the straw coat was going to be) and Dragon on hoard. And a teaser of a melted knight to decorate the Dragon's den... 

  • The teased "Civilians":

    I was like are those huge coins or the cutest little dragon ever?  Based on the trunks I would guess pie plate sized coins.  Maybe it IS hoarding pie takes all sorts.


  • Ah, maybe it's not coins but gold plate!

    My guess is that they threw it together quickly and that it's made up of a Dragon piece, chest pieces and coin pile pieces. So you can likely scale the coin piles down a bit.

    (The previews are often works in progress - I doubt any of the files will have figures posed with arms held rigidly to the sides and staring straight ahead like dolls.)

  • Ehh, some dragons like gold... some like frisbees. 


    The Japanese civvies... that is a set I would have bought... Are torsos 3 and 4 female? I cant tell from the pic resolution. 

    My lore keeper is adding another entry of Wargames Atlantic to the Dwarven Book of Grievances... 

  • @William Redford 

    Those bodies look female to me.  There certainly seems to be female heads.  

    I hope they add a slung baby to mount on their backs.  Got to have peasants working the fields with babies on their backs in the background while you conduct your Samurai showdown.

  • @William Redford I'd say so. There's some likely female heads too.

    But if the chest isn't overly generous (which appears to be the case), they'd do for youths.

  • @Mark Dewis or like 99% of Japanese women, they aren't known to be the most... imposing.

  • @William Ings a little bit of a myth, especially these days. Higher fat and protein diets add curves in all people at all times. Hard working peasants on cereal diets tend to be lean everywhere.

    You also need to be careful of fashion effects in historical art, in this regard. Trying to judge the typical body shape of most historical eras is a bit like only having fashion magazine drawings to draw conclusions about what people of the 1960's looked like:

    Fashion illustration 1960s hi-res stock photography and images - Alamy

    So... there's going to be heavyset, well padded ladies in all times and places, just as there's lean ones, short men, tall women etc.  I will say though, that the basic kosode and kimono do tend to flatten the bodyline, and unless you're wearing modern corsetry the breasts will flatten out. So historical Japanese ladies don't usually look that busty, even if they would in modern clothing.

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