Product Idea - 15mm "Epic Battles like" Range by WGA

  • How about the following?

    Wargames Atlantic Team up with Producers of Historical Tabletop Rulesets and bring something similary to Warlord Games "Epic Battles" Range?

    Warlord Games Epic Battles ACW and Napoleon Ranges are very successful and WGA could "steal" some profit from this.

    A own Range of 15mm Miniatures combined with an existing Ruleset. This could work for popular Settings Warlord Games do not cover.

    Otherwise; when WLG brings a Hail Caesar Epic Battles Range, WGA could produce similary Miniatures but for Stuff WLG does not cover.

    What does the community thing about that Idea?

  • @Steffen Seitter 

    I think it's a great idea.  The Warlord Games' "EPIC" games have really captured a lot of attention.  

    Partnering with a ruleset to produce a box set would be perhaps optimal.  There's just something inviting about a box set.   

    Your idea of WGA piggybacking off of a Warlord Epic Ancients release with alternate armies is a solid course of action as well.

    This thread discusses the joys and advantages of box games and possible Ancients themes:


  • So a key feature of these Epic minis is that they are in strips.

    I wonder if one could sculpt the shields of the shield wall connected/overlapped so as ONE shield decal could be placed across the strip. Shield decals make an army look awesome.  And while individual 15mm shield decals are a no go, perhaps one decal per miniature strip is doable. 


  • @Steffen Seitter I think it is a great idea. 

  • I have the feeling WLG could bring Infantry & Cavalry with seperate shields.

    I'm not sure how WLG would fix the untercuts on the backsides when shields are part of the Stripes. I also think that putting decals on seperate shields would be easier, even on 15mm.

    Seperate shields would also make Units or Factions with less uniform troops more flexible when you have diferent shield designs which could get placed randomly on the bodies.

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