Damned Lore

  • I just figured out the downside to the Atlantic Digital initiative; no box blurb.

    What do we know about the Damned? Are they World War 3 survivors, or descendants from a failed colony world? 

    ps: I assume the file is under review right now because someone realized they forgot the set's victory libation (there really needs to be a classic soda bottle bit in there.)

  • Eh, the post apocalypse thing does not make a whole lot of sense given the Ooh, Rah box blurb (this is also why genetically engineered space colonist elves don’t make sense😆).  

    They look like a mismatch of eras, so why don't we view them as guys and gals who either "escaped" or where “abandoned” on tournament worlds given their "the damned" title. WA could also go with them being random battlefield looters from the various eras that got picked up by accident.

  • Didn't you read it? 

  • @Hudson Adams Now I have. I don't know why you bothered going the apocalptic space cult route, but whatever🤷‍♂️🤣.

  • @Hudson Adams I take it back.


    Now are getting a sippy cup with Kool aid for the set? 

  • I think the failed habitat part is an interesting touch. 

  • Making them from one planet rather than "this is the entirety of human future" is in line with all the other units. In the future, planets are countries 😉

  • I feel like this fixes the "modern nations in space" idea that the ooh-rah had. Really wish these were real models, though. I lack any form of 3d printer.

  • Their time will come, @Estoc  

    I feel that both the Damned and the Kobolds could do with a bit more sculpting. Most likely each kit is slated for eventual plastic release, but both kits have a bit of a rough look to them. Of course, that may be attractive to some folk, for those troops.

    And that's another thing - just because a kit has been released in digital doesn't stop them from adding extras or revised versions later.

  • I haven't seen them printed, but the rendering on those cape masks look pretty rad

  • I'd be all over these in hard plastic. This is this sort of thing I've been hoping to see one day, along with a reliable source of AKs and hooded gasmasked figures.

    Lore wise, lots of scope for failed colonies/habitats that have devolved into post apocalyptic/feral hellholes or devolved into more primitive societies. I imagine more primitive historical humans being popular for more low tech death fields fights.




  • This looks like a good set and I like the background. I would get this set in a solid form (no 3d printer), though as I am not a fan of the mutations, I would hope to have enough parts to be able to put together a squad without the obvious mutation arms/biits. 

    Obviously this is just my preference so happy to see all the other mutation-laden squads. Just an opinion in case this is put in a sprue in the future.

  • I printed and painted one of The Damned. I'm really happy with how it came out, but working on it I was just thinking about how much fun I could have with a multi-part plastic kit. Yeah, I could print the individual parts, but there's something about just messing around with parts at your work table, y'know?

    Anyway, they're excellent sculpts


  • For those who missed it on the MyMiniFactory page linked above:

    A quite new addition to the Death Fields circuit, the Damned were abducted recently from their broken home. These unfortunate humans were part of a powerful and wide-ranging end-of-days cult in human space that believed only strict separation from the rest of humanity would save them from the coming galactic apocalypse. To that end in the late 2300s they secretly funneled monies to construct a space habitat in a remote system with no habitable worlds. Here they hoped to live unnoticed by the rest of humanity. Unfortunately for them, they did. Within twenty years, minor and then major systems began to fail and few of the new generation had taken their training seriously. Rival factions claiming to know the "true path" silently formed. As their habitat began to fail around them, terrorist acts and then open conflict began to erupt. The factions took over the remaining habitable sections and continued their war as the station fell apart around them. Chemicals, poor air quality, exposure to radiation, and other pollutants caused a high number of birth defects. Over the next twenty years no inhabitant was without mutation or severe chronic illness. Yet the war dragged on. In the midst of this, a highly trained squad of soldiers of one of the two factions - The Damned - was abucted from the station. They've now had decades on the Death Fields circuit where they are a deadly force to be reckoned with. Although easily fixed by the advanced technology available to their owner, many wear their mutations and scars as a mark of pride. This multi-part and full figure set includes a whopping 239 files both supported and unsupported. We can't wait to see what you come up with!


    The backstory seems pretty much right in line with the open-ended, less-is-more, pan-galactic, time-and-space-jumping backstory that the Death Fields already works in.  The sculpts are broad enough to work for any sort of post-apocalyptic cultist concept you can imagine, if you want to create your own backstory to them, or adapt the default to something you like better, and naturally these models would be super-easy to plug into comparable 40K factions with their detailed backstories.

    I like creating my own backstories and would do that myself anyway, but the default is fine for what it needs to be.

    I still haven't made the leap to 3D printing, so I'm afraid it'll be a while before I can do anything with the digital version of these, but I'd pretty surely jump at several boxes of these if they were released as a hard plastic kit.

    The scuplts on the whole look great to me, though I think I'd prefer the mutations to be downplayed a bit, and would have liked to seen more of the sculpts border on a sort of gaunt, emaciated, living-dead look, with more of a worn-out and home-made look to the gear and weapons overall... something just a tad bit more moldy, cobwebbed, and gothic in texture, if you will, for a faction that has been sealed up and buried in the darnkess and damp of their apocalyptic vaults and bunkers for a very, very long time... 

    I can't really complain about what we've got, though:  it's a darned cool set as-is, and ought to mix-and-match with some other fun stuff for even more variety and texture (I'm thinking the Frostrave Barbarians and Frostgrave Cultists would make some nice sets to bash into The Damned!)




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