My thoughts on the Kobold STLs

  • Well... we got Kobolds... only one problem. THEY! ARE! CHONK!

    Kobolds image

    This looks..... oof. Man, that is badly proportioned.

    Kobolds image

    Yeah it is easy to tell where the problems are with this image.

    Kobolds image

    There is also this little problem with giving Kobolds dog heads and nothing else.


    I cannot believe this, but this is the 1st time I've been disappointed with a WGA product. Like they are too chunky, their heads don't even fit well with their bodies, and the dog heads are completely out of place with the rest of the bodies. What are your thoughts and if you have issues with them, how would you change them?

  • They work well for their purpose, which is savage dog-men instead of the usual lizard goblins. I can understand why you might be unhappy, but I love these guys. Once again, wish they were real though.

  • @Estoc Problem is that the lizard tail makes it clear that the dog heads are an afterthought. Like the canine heads do not mix well with lizard bodies. They got lizard feet, lizard tails, and they look like Scrappy Doo after he turned himself into a monster in that live action Scooby Doo movie.

  • Well, that's what feedback is for. I expect the STLs are an early version made available as a bonus rather than the finished product. We see "returned for further sculpting" on the plastic sets all the time, and WGA are actively asking for feedback on the STLs.

    As far as the heads... a quick google of pictures of Kobolds shows a lot of different types, and yeah, some are quite canine. The set does come with lizardy heads, so just print those parts and not the ones you don't like. This is not like a sprue where you have to choose how any of each option to put on it. The more and different heads for each set the better IMHO!

    The first two pictures posted are not dog like at all.

    And... as far as "badly proportioned"... well, I'd want to see the prints. What a made up monster should look like is always going to be a matter of taste. It's not like you can actually reality check it.

  • Heads for a dog are great the neck body etc are pumped with steroids not a good look , slim then down  take of the lizard tail put on a dog, Put some nice Ooh -Rah slim line weaponary and you have a winner for Fantasy and Si/Fi.

  • Ya, I think I would prefer little lizard dudes to rank up with my lizard men. Some not-Skinks, with sniper rifles for Death Fields.

    I would like these guys if they where 100% dog, like a barbaric hord of bipedal  Rottweilers.

  • @Charles Tottington 

    You're absolutely right that the dog head grafted on a completely reptilian body builder body looks like an afterthought.  A cool idea perhaps to attempt to make everyone happy... But a miss.

    @William Ings 

    Little Lizard Kobolds that fit in with the WGA Lizardmen sounds like a great idea to me.  The two sets would really compliment each other and open a lot of possibilities.  

    The not-Skinks market has to be significantly bigger than just the kobold market anyway.

    Some not-Kroxogor / Dragon Dudes that fit in with the WGA Lizardmen would be very welcome too. 

  • both skinks and dnd's lizard kobolds have active copyrights as far as I can tell, using either of them might cause a lawsuit.

  • I really like the more cartoonish proportions, and having the dog heads on the reptile bodies. It fits a lot of the older descriptions of Kobolds in D&D, while still being true to modern stuff. As someone who prefers basic DND that isaries to a 4th Ed defender it makes for great compromise at my home


    The great Dog vs Lizard debate

  • @Estoc this is a skink

    Good luck to any lawyer defending a tradmark based on short anthromorphic lizards.


  • Yeah, not sure how small Lizardmen is more verboten than human sized Lizardmen.

  • @Geoff Maybury Yeah, if they gave you the ability to switch tails so you can have dog tails for dog heads and made them less bodybuilder buff (and add Sci-Fi weapons), it would improve them significantly. Also, why not add a third set of Kobold heads that are more lizard-like than the draconic heads?

  • @Charles Tottington there's always spare Lizardman heads. Aside from the gas mask ones, that kit has three different styles, so a lot of people will have spares.

    Also occurs to me lizardman heads on goblins would possibly be the look some people are asking for. Or those draconic heads and some tails on goblins.

  • @Geoff Maybury Actually I think it would work better if they triedputting scales on the dog head and maybe added some horns (1 to 3). After all gnolls, werewolfs, etc.  are proper canine men enough without adding Kobolds.

    @Mark Dewis Actually, gasmask heads might be perfect for fantasy kobolds, they do work with a lot of traps and poison gas would be one.

  • @William Ings you call that a skink?!

    THIS is a skink!

    These kobolds look like they traded their traps for whey protein powder and never looked back. Though, maybe if we just printed them with larger heads...

  • @Jay H. Indeed, and this handsome fellow, is also a skink.

    And they all serve as a reminders to have fun with our colour schemes.

  • The more recent Kobold look is less draconic and more crocodilian, with narrow snouts. That might be what people were expecting (along with the skinny bodies).

  • @Mark Dewis honestly, these heads just feel super "generic draconic" to me. I don't hate them by any means. D&D5e has their slim snouts, Pathfinder has their broad snouts, everyone else has something in between. I would like to get some optional big-eyed "cute-bolds"/gecko kinda heads with stubby horns.

  • @Jay H. I second this.

  • I finally got my 3d printer and decided to make a few Kobolds my first print.

    Here's a comparison of the dog head, draconic head and the skink head (from the Lizard men).I just did a quick dry brush so the details weren't lost with my subpar painting. 

    They look a lot less cartoonish when they are printed, and fit well I to skale with the Halflings, Lizardmen, and Gobolins

    I swapped shields with some from RDG's Faun Warband kit to further differentiate the three tribes I'm going to be building. I also turned the crossbow into a spear gun, after accidentally snapping a string before properly curring things, but I kind of like it this way. 

    The skiink head was a bit of a pain, since the kobold healds re indented with a bulging neck, the reverse of how the Lizardman set are out together. 

  • Good work.

    Looks like the Lizardman head idea might be a bit so-so. Though it may be worth using the spiky heads than the skink ones?

    From the looks of things, if you HATE the default arms (which you can always just not print), Goblin arms will probably work.

  • @Red Bee Taking just the one figure only, the Dog one, I was really suprised the head on the body  doesn`t come to bad at all .(I see what Red Bee was stating) I could live with that , for my self I would like a more slimmer "Dog enforced body and legs may be add fur",  The arms are a Big No for me and I really want fur and adog Tail. All the figures have a lot of merit and I can see them all being very popular even the "Dog" as printed. In my mind though when it comes to say a plastic whole set I`d like some of the "Dog design to be more dominate."

  • By the looks of it, yeah the arms are the biggest problem. Luckly we have gobbo and lizard arms. Can't wait for these guys to have a plastic counterpart (which might come with even more head options later on).

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