Grumpy Gnome's Quar Project Log

  • I thought this would be a good place to log my progress with this new project.

    For now I will be starting with metal sculpts but once the WGA plastics become available I will be getting those as well to help make conversion work easier. 

    Any advice you may have@Joshua Qualtieri would be particularly welcome!


  • Looks great! Welcome aboard.

  • So who wants to help me get started on my Quar project?

    Also looking to get some Things From the Basement Aeronefs and steam tanks from Ironclad Miniatures.

    Or anything else suitably grimsical enough to suit my 28mm Quar project.

    Willing to buy or trade.

    I am based in Germany and have quite a wide selection to trade from.

    Most of my 28mm WW2 stuff is available. I have a number of vehicles of various scales but suitable for 28mm gaming already painted to a decent standard. It might be a way to keep your unpainted pile down.

    I do not have much in the way of painted terrain but I have a lot of unpainted terrain we could discuss, including some Dwarven Forge stuff.

    As far as miniatures, just about everything I have is 28mm. Some painted, some unpainted. Just about every genre. I have some Weird War 2 stuff such as Konflikt 47 & Dust. I have some unpainted firestorm armada and Dropfleet Commander stuff. I have a whole bunch of unpainted Reaper Bones stuff. Dungeons & Lasers. Games Workshop AoS and Middle Earth stuff. Mantic Mars Attacks miniatures, vehicles and terrain (everything except the Martians… those I am keeping to fight the Quar). Anno 1666. Napoleonics including Silver Bayonet stuff.

    You name it. If you have a project you are keen on, I probably have something to offer in partial or full trade.

    Help feed my latest obsession while helping get yourself some new stuff.


  • Five different batches of Quar inbound, four from the US and one from the UK... but all are delayed due to the usual holiday issues and/or customs. Will any arrive in 2022? Only time will tell...

  • The first of my Quar have arrived… 2023, The Year of the Quar!

    @Joshua Qualtieri Perhaps you can tell us a bit more about the vehicles? I did not see similar designs on your 15mm Quar Kickstarter but I may have just them. Which nation are they from? 

    And here is a size comparison shot with some other minis.

  • @Joshua Qualtieri   I forgot to post photos of the tractors...



  • Glad Quar are starting to land on your shores! Those are Kryst tractors. They will be back soon in 28mm. The first one is a Sothwyr wagon and the second is a Gwaeyr Light Tractor.

    Those are back when I did RTV gravity casting for them. :::shudder:::

    Tractors are hi-res resin prints these days!

  • @Joshua Qualtieri  Loving it all mate! Thank you for the information. Now just waiting on the stuff my mother has sent over for Christmas to complete the journey. Expect a blog post about all this probably tomorrow. Thanks again! 

  • And a couple more batches of Quar have arrived so....

    .... loving the Quar! 

    Directly from Zombiesmith...


    ... and second hand from Noble Knight Games (a big reseller in the US)...

  • As the Quar go marching along...

    Some more progress on prepping the metal Quar I have been fortunate enough to get as well as discussion on a number of topics.

    More photos on the blog post...

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