What Reptillian Overlord STLs would you like to see make the jump to plastic?

  • Personally, I'm interested in Coven Sisters and Gene Tyrants making the grand leap to plastic models. The Coven can be another plastic alternative to sisters like Shield Wolf or the Panzerjager. While the Gene Tyrants will practically be our first plastic alternative to marines outside of Warpath's Enforcers. There is also the Mercenaries and Militia set that can be packed with its Sci-Fi expansion for use in Death Fields.


    Sooooooo............ Your thoughts?

  • Coven Sisters sounds as a good idea for me... but with additional more femalelike heads...long hair, hair brais?  and so on...

  • Well the Catanyans of course ;)

    Actually that would be fun.  But more seriously, the Mercenaries and Militia:

    Make this in plastic and print money.

    Sure, throw in some laser rifles so they can hang out with their WGA Ogre buddies in Death Fields.  

    After that round out the plastic Jungle Fighters:

    (Now that is how you do a heavy weapon!)

  • The Coven Sisters look incredibly good.  But the GW ones are sublime.  There was decades were plastic Sisters would have crushed it in the market.  But that window is perhaps closed.

    The not-Repentia perhaps.  The GW ones missed for a lot of people:

    The Chaos/Traitor guard look good... But they look like they compete with WGA's "The Damned".  At least if they eventually convert to plastic.

    Finally maybe the Ice Warriors.

    But it would be nice (to me at least) of WGA went in this direction:

    Female Soviets in Space!

  • Mercenaries and Militia + the bits from the expansion (below) for me - no need for not-las guns; or put them out as an addon sprue a bit like the cannon-fodder gun sprue....

  • @Xander Warren These could be used for various scenarios, from renaissance to fantasy, plus imagine how well they'll merge with the WGA conquistadors or the other Frostgrave sets.

  • @Alessio De Carolis  It'd be awesome! Plus folks were asking for Renissance peasents, which they could also kinda work for

  • Absolutely hoping for WGA to do their Mercenaries and Militia. You already know from my review video how I think the Conquistadors are perfect for Mordheim, and these guys are literally an improved version of the Mordheim mercenaries.

  • Would be great that the next set to make the jump to plastic was the "Mercenaries and Militia" (and their expansion). 

    Very versatile, useful for roleplaying, Mordheim, Frostgrave... A great alternative to the long time deleted GW Empire Militia. 

  • I'd be very keen to pick up a few boxes of the Heretics in plastic, though I agree there's some overlap with The Damned. 

  • @Charles Tottington 

    Have you thought about adding a poll?

    Although the Mercenaries and Militia seem to be the clear winner.

  • @JTam Gonna have to look at the store and see what they have in order to make a poll.

  • @JTam Gonna have to look at the store and see what they have in order to make a poll.

    Though gramted the problem with the Choppy Zealots is....... I can see two very big and bouncy issues some potential customers would have. Like if modern repentia were one extreme then the Choppy Zealots are a whole level of extreme along with that store that does female necrons.

  • Well, it seems that the collaboration between Atlantic and Reptilian Overlords has stalled with the SpaceNam kit, isn't it?

    Will they work together again in the future?

  • @Agus Sants 

    Maybe, maybe not. 

    Reptilian Overlords may be taking a moment to assess the profitability (or not) of the first set. 

    Or there might be a new plastic set in the works as we speak.  The last WGA/Reptilian Overlords set was pretty silent running until moment of release.  

  • @Charles Tottington 

    Saw this on Facebook yesterday:

    So the answer to the original question is this, this, THIS!

  • @JTam this guy is what I want for my Mordheim Warbands. The mercs and militia in multi part plastic would be more than I could wish for. And imagine all the alternative heads from the expansion....

  • Update:


  • from their FB update two days ago:

    Another episode of Reptilian Overlords will sci fi ANYTHING. I've made some changes the the Lazknecht rifle and added some futuristic elements to the body (ammo pouches). I can imagine 20 of these guys standing at parade rest while they guard the objective.

  • Months go by and it seems that no Reptilian Overloeds kit makes the jump to plastic, I'm sad 😔

  • Just three words: Landsknechts in space!!


  • @Andreas Mayrhofer With a game like Trench Crusade coming up, these guys in plastic would be very interesting

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