WW1 German Zombies

  • A long time ago I ran a game with zombies in WW1. I was thinking of them and decided to bash some Wargames Atlantic Germans with some old Wargames Factory zombies. They were OK. But 'Lagoon 6' in the UK asked if he could try some for me, as he is a good guy, and the results just arrived, and they are stunning. not just teh painting, but the bases and the animation.I am tempted to never paint again. 





  • @jon gawne 

  • Outstanding!  Thanks for posting these.  Are those bashes with Mantic Zombies?

  • Brilliant work! That is the work of one very skilled modeler. 👏🏻

  • @jon gawne He`s done you proud, they are first rate , Love the litter of battle on the bases a real touch of class.

  • They look better in in person.  I need ot try and shoot them better.  I gave him a WA sprue, and an old sprue of Wargames Factory zombies (which I gather the molds have vanished in the aether).  And e did his magic. Now I have to figure out what it will take for him to make me a batch of Frenchies.    By the way, the tin cans are peices of sprie, drilled into, and a cover added.  He was going to use a better wire, but the place that sells it was taking too long to ship.   

  • I forgot the 6 1/2 one.  It had crawled away while I was looking at the main body of them. 

  • @jon gawne 

  • Gruesome! 👍

  • Well he`s got guts.😉😹

  • The Wargames Factory Zombies live on at Warlord in their Project Z line. Not QUITE the same sprue, but based on the old ones and sold as a combined male/female zombie kit.

    There are always the zombie and skull heads from the Frostgrave cultist sprue. People making those figures up as cultists may have spares.

    These are superb. I especially love the basing clutter and ESPECIALLY the rusy tins!

  • Awesome jobs, also if the half one it's a little gruesome, if I remember there were some movies about WWI's zombies and there was one of "Sucker Punch" episodes, another movie was set in Norway, but these were "nazi" zombies, with all these casualties it was pratically unavoidable that someone would've tried to exploit such a "resource"

  • Anyone remember this?

    Okay WWII and Vampires, but German Zombies sure make me think of the story... awesome work there on the figures, a lovely (in a gruesome way!) addition to anyones collection 😍

  • I do not remember that... but it has some good hooks to catch my attention. 

  • @Bill Thomas  oh yes. I still have all the original progs with that one. Great, gritty eastern front squad level horror. The late, great Carlos Ezquerra is one of my all time favorite comic artists and he always did excellent WW2 stuff.

  • @Mark Dewis sadly I lost all my originals but bizarrely that compendium already went onto my Christmas List this year... no idea why 😂

    Strikes me that a WWI/2 Vampire/ Zombies game could be great fun... I supported Marco Pecota's new "Escape from Stalingrad Z" kickstarter and he's now made a "tabletop conversion" pdf free online which I'm going through... worth a look if you guys haven't already 😎


    Now having seen the lovely miniatures shown above I'm thinking that "Zombies in Trenches" could indeed be a "thing" 😍

  • @Bill Thomas 

    Did you get the Stalingrad Z miniatures with the Kickstarter?

    I skipped them and plan to use 28mm miniatures.  Was brainstorming here:


    I will build an ammo crate to hold all the gaming materials and miniatures.  

    Kind of like this:


    Back directly to the subject matter: "Zombies in Trenches" sounds like a winner to me.

    Or maybe "Zombies in the Tunnels"?



  • @jon gawne 

    Can you tell us more about the Zombies in WW1 game you ran?

  • I won't lie, but the Stalingrad Z sculpts looked a bit too elongated for my tastes. Not quite Malifeaux level, but those legs are quite long in proportion to all the other bits. It's mostly in the thighs - remove a mm or so from there and they'd look better. (And yes I get that everyone should be skinny at Stalingrad). Some of them look better than others, though.

    Buy your milage may vary, of course.

  • @Mark Dewis Perhaps we need some comparison's shots, with other producers' minis, also bcz generally russians were (generally) shorter than others, for all the famines and civil wars' troubles in the '20s and early '30s.

  • @JTam no mate... as I already have a bit of a "German/Soviet Winter  Zombie Horde" (and some other "winter beasties like wolves, werewolves, etc) for another game idea I had it was easy to simply transfer these to Marco's setting... he did an absolutely brilliant "origin story" during the kickstarter which I saved as a wod doc, serialised week by week, so it was cool to create my own figures with all the chracterisation he gave 😍

    I did however create some new character figures to work inline with those shown by @Mark Dewis above... and some German Zombie Hunters if I felt like extending the game in my own direction 😂

  • @JTam my "proxies" 😂

  • @Bill Thomas 

    Great looking "proxies"!

    Can you tell us more about the undead sailors minis?

  • @JTam thoe I believe were from one of the older Zombicide sets... I bought them as singles and swapped the heads around 😂


    I have in mind a Volga River scenario to create one day, somehow crowbarring in a Bronekater Armoured Boat... Warlord do one and I've said to myself when I have the pennies I will have me one of those... when... 

  • Those look amazing! Do they advance under a creeping barrage? 😉

  • @Alessio De Carolis indeed. If those are 25mm bases, my guess is these are not going to mix well with 28mm ranges, and are more likely to be 32 or 35mm figures.

    I'm having great trouble in finding any reference to the figure scale. It's a self-contained game, so potentially there isn't one listed. 

  • @Mark Dewis 

    I believe the Stalingrad Z miniatures are 35mm.


    I could swing 32mm (heck, half of the "28mm" minis are already there), but 35mm is too big.


  • @Bill Thomas 

    A scenario with this:

    Would be epic.  Would love to play/see that.

    You should add a Bronekater to your wishlist.  (I just did).  Warlord is doing a promotion:

    Did you see the 28mmish battleship posted here?:


    Something like that would really add some flavor to your beach landing games.  Or maybe one could generate scenarios from the greatest battleship movie ever made - "Under Siege".  Having to watch the cake seen over and over during the course of the research would be purely coincidental.

  • @JTam everyone is of course entitled to their opinion, but IMDb puts "Sink the Bismarck", "Pursuit of the Graf Spee"** and (naturally) "Battleship Potemkin" ahead of "Under Seige". 

    "Under Siege" is a fine movie of its type, though. Easily the third best Die Hard.

    (**If you don't count pocket battleships, that's fine ;) )

  • @Mark Dewis 

    Sarcasm meter needs recalibration.

    Obviously the best battleship movie is "Battleship".