CONTEST: New Years painting competition - RULES AND ENTRIES

  • Forum user name: Brian Van De Walker

    Title: Lizardman tribal pirate

     Description of entry: Miniature depicting one of the scaled folk tribsmen prepared who is engaged in an act of piracy on the deck of a rusty tramp airship in the air space of the sky bound Kubaral mega archipelago.   

    The parts are mostly from the lizardman box except for the Martini rifle which came from the now out of print Zulu war redcoats done by Wargame Factory. I painted it up with Wilder brown brush on primer (the rust stains on the base is also this) and wide range of different somewhat older paints mostly from GW, Testors and maybe Tamiya with a bit Adikolor Dragon Breath and Poison Green brushed on here and there.  

    This is one of the first miniatures I have painted at the start of this new year and ever actually, so bare in mind it is all newbie brushwork and I will add taken with a cellphone camera. Thank you for holding this contest if for no other reason than it being the last bit of motivation I needed to finally start painting my grey hoard this year.  

  • Forum Username: James Lisle

    Title: Ramos, Halfling Sniper

    Details: Ramos is a sniper in the 33rd Halfling Auxiliary ("The Heartbreakers"). He is made from the head and torso of a halfling from the Halfling Militia kit and arms from the Einherjar. The barrel of the gun is extended using a bit sprue. There is also a scope from a small third-party manufacturer no one has ever heard of called "Games Workshop," probably from one of their space marine kits.

    Halfling Sniper

  • Grognard/Death Fields upgrade

    Forum name: Shawn Humphrey

    Title: Upgraded Grognard

    Details: This is a kitbash of the Grognard body and backpack, with the Death Fields helmet, rifle, and respirator. New WA base. Fun little project.

  • Forum username - Callum Kerr

    Title of entry - Dismounted Waffen SS Panzer Commander 

    Description of entry - Wargames Atlantic Panzer Lehr painted with Autumn/Fall Oak Leaf camouflage and black panzer crew uniform 

  • Part 2

    Title of entry - Dismounted Waffen SS Panzer Commander 

    Description of entry - Wargames Atlantic Panzer Lehr painted with Autumn/Fall Oak Leaf camouflage and black panzer crew uniform

  • Username: Edd Martin 

    Title of entry: Bulldog Sergeant Alexander Percival

    Description: Sergeant Percival of the 115th light infantry was claimed, along with his squad, for the Death Fields, and has some success fighting their way through various opponents, chiefly the Les Grognards and the Raumsjager. 

    Inspiring leadership is not his only forte, as his a cunning linguist, and can make a damn good cup of tea




  • User name: Drew Graham

    Title of Entry: Skarfel Mountain Ranger


    For this miniature, I used the World Ablaze WWII Italians kitbashed with the Deathfields Cannon Fodder kit.


    The head, body, and the small pack used as a chest rig are from the Italian set. The weapon and backpack or from the Canon Fodder kit.


    I am a quadriplegic following a spinal cord injury in 2014 and my hands don’t work, so I painted the miniature by holding the brush in my mouth. I included a link to a video which demonstrates how I do it and has some lore about the Skarfel Mountain Rangers.

  • Kay Nilsson 

    Freckled convict. 

    Bits from cannon fodder II, base warlord. Colours citadel and vallejo

  • Form Username: Andreas Mayrhofer

    Title of entry: Hardsuit Trooper

    Description of entry: This guy is just a Ironcore Stormtrooper with a simple headswap. The head is a "System Commando" head from Pig Iron Productions. He and his fellow grunts will be used in different systems like OPR Firefight or Stargrave

  • Forum username - Dewii Clough

    Title of entry - Sergeant James Parker

    Description of entry - A 3D print from December's tribes. 

    Sergeant James Parker is a veteran of World War I, where he developed a strong sense of duty and loyalty to his country and the King. His experiences in the trenches of WWI made him an ideal candidate for the police force and his military training helped him to handle high-stress situations and maintain order in the chaos of "A Very British Civil War".

    His loyalty to the King, however, would put him in a difficult position as the civil war progresses and different factions with different ideologies arise. He would try to balance his duty to maintain order and his loyalty to the Crown, sometimes having to make difficult decisions, but always guided by his sense of duty and his commitment to protect the citizens.

    As a sergeant, Parker led a squad of officers tasked with maintaining order in the war-torn streets of Whittingbury. He quickly became known for his bravery and level-headedness, often placing himself in harm's way to protect civilians caught in the crossfire.

    Overall, Sergeant James Parker becomes a respected figure in the community, known for his courage, integrity, and selflessness in the face of adversity. He is a symbol of hope and stability in a time of great turmoil and uncertainty.

  • Name: Georg Dierkes

    Title: Wanderer

    Description: I painted a Afghan warrior hiking a hidden smuggler trial to avoid British patrols.

    I convert the mini by bending the right arm, so the rifle lay on his shoulder. The rocks are made of wood.


  • Forum username - Zerloon

    Title of entry - Gahar of Thrandix

    Description of entry


    After a long day, chopping tree to make space for his field, Gahar only wishes are some foods, his wife and his bed, in this exact order... and yet, these simple pleasure will be tainted by the news, again. The war in the stars is approaching, fast much faster than he had ever imagined.
    How can this alien, this... Solar? Earthling? Ooman? Whatever, be so different that ever after decades of bloodshed there is no hope for peace? 

    Gahar let out a long sigh... all he knows was to cut tree, make log make some credit for his family. 
    Maybe... sooner or later, someone will find a common ground and start talking instead of shooting.

    Sooner, or later... 


    The Body and the arms are from the Sengoku/Edo paesants, and the head is an Alien Heads. 


  • Username:  Andy Smith

    Title:  "Do you have a flag?"

    Description: Sergant Habanero the halberdier asking some Lizardmen that very important question.

    A converted WGA Conquistador with a pointing arm from Games Workshop  and a very fashionable feather, pouch combo from the depths of the bitz box. 

  • Username: Francesco Chiementin

    Title: Skeleton Warrior


    "The name forgotten an Age ago, there I saw what was left of him, rattling across foggy fields, wrapped in derelict, torn rags, holding an old spear and the remenants of a worn out shield, and then I felt fear.

    From the Letters of Father Dominicus, 1092 AD

    I was looking for a monk/priest/medieval like skeleton, and decided to go with this kind of very simple conversion with balsa wood strips for the shield and thin paper soaked in pva glue for the rags. 





  • Username: Morgan Rose

    Title: Sergeant Alan Talbot of the 95th Rifles

    Description: Vanilla Napoleonic British rifleman (excuse the lack of sash- my greenstuff skills aren't up to that yet). Second in command of my rifle squads and the first painted mini in my mission to build skirmish forces for the French and the British in the peninsular war.

    Painted with vallejo and citadel and a mix of contrast and regular acrylics.

  • Forum username - Peter S_Punkt

    Title of entry - Imperial Austrian K.u.K. 23rd Regimant Infantryman in Deathfields

    Description of entry - 
    I always wanted to paint a sci-fi miniature (mainly Imperial Guard for WH40K) in the colours of the Austrian Infantry from the coalition wars era. Your Grognards models gave me a very good opportunity to do so! Although the Austrian Army did not wear great coats and shoulder pads etc. many elements did fit. Great models by the way!
    The only change I made to the model itself was to remove the feather from the shako.
    Unfortunately I hadn't a mat varnish at home, so some parts are a bit shiny.

    Lessons learned: don't paint big spaces off-white or white over a grey primer! For a light red and the skin tone the same is valid. Next time I would scratch off the eagle from the shako as its really a french thing. 

  • Forum username - Sean Hodgman

    Title of entry - "I'm Open! Pass me the ball!"

    Description of entry - I needed a halfling to add to my human Bloodbowl team for a tournament and realised I didn't have enough time to order and paint one, but looking through my collection of leftover Wargames Atlantic Halfing Militia sprues I figured the kit was versatile enough that I could make something work and thus number 7 Caradoc Thornburrow was created.  I love the characterful faces on the halflings in that kit and this one has all you need to play Bloodbowl - some woefully inadequate armour, a sweatband (including sponsor's logo) and a leather strap to help the Ogre throw him down the pitch for a touchdown. The model is purely built from parts from the WA kit (although probably not in the way they were originally intended...).

  • Forum username - Carlos Mezo

    Title of entry - Warsaw Uprising

    Description of entry - This miniature from the Partisans box represents a soldier of the Polish resistance in the Warsaw uprising, setting up an ambush.
    The base was sculpted with putty to represent an urban setting in Warsaw.

  • User name: Barry Evans (BE)

    Title: "Bulldog" in North Africa!

    Description: All parts we assembled from the Bulldogs set. I decided to have a different take on the standard south African (Zulu type) model and send my Bulldog Infantrynan up north to the Arid Desert plains of NBulldog in North Africaorth Africa. He needed to be painted in his kaki uniform top to help him blend in with the terrain. The haversack was added for provisions to be carried for those long marches. Hope you like it! 

  • Forum username - J Bro

    Title of entry - "Space Ranger"

    Description of entry - The body is an Eisenkern Stormtrooper. The jet pack was made from cut up gun peices from the eisenkern sprue with some painted cotton. The head was a peice from a Stargrave Crew box.

  • Forum username - Seba Villagra

    Title of entry - August 1944

    Description of entry - It is 26 August. The nazis have surrendered Paris. This resistance fighter has replaced her gun with some snacks and is riding to the celebration.  (The girl in bicycle is from the female resistance STL set. The arm with basket is from the camp followers set.) 

  • Forum username - Colin Whitfield

    Title of entry - "Last Stand"

    Description of entry - Goth Warrior, making every arrow count before falling back to his trusty sword. All parts from the "Goth Warrior" box. Rock sculpted from epoxy putty. Freehand collar, cuffs and scabbard to give more depth.


    Colin Whitfield Goth Warrior 01 Front

    Colin Whitfield Goth Warrior 02 Back

    Colin Whitfield Goth Warrior 03 Side



  • Forum Username - Justin Yarbrough

    Title of Entry - Sunset Recon

    Description - Chunk of milliput for the base to give an impression that he's standing on a ridge surveying the land and attempted to add shadows as if it were close to dusk.

  • Forum Username - Przemyslaw Zmuda

    Title of Entry - CHWAT operator

    Description - CHWAT is a rapid response police team able to take on most civil dangers in all mining worlds. Dwarves of the unit are ready to take on smuggling operations, kidnapping, organised crime or squishing local angry bugs.
    In actuality a member of the first model batch I painted since I got back to the hobby after a long hiatus. Glad to be back!

  • User name:  Tyler Hewell

    Title:  Smoke Break

    Description:  Female French Resistance member with slung rifle lighting up a cigarette.  

  • Name: Battle Specter. 

    Piece Title: Holding Bulkhead 47

    Pieces used: WGA Panzerjager (with random spare right leg on kneeling bottom) Dreamforge bits from accessory sprue, GW SoB head, Wargames Factory Kopis. It was an easy enough conversion. Simply glued on the bits I had lying around. The arm with the Kopis I snagged from another model I had (an old UAMC figure with Eisnkern arms on it). Both arms come from the accessory sprue, and the Kopis wielding arm was made with a grenade hand. 

    The pose was made- as mentioned- using one of the spare right legs (the one with the nub on it) and one kneeling leg set. I had to shave the nub off, but after that they fit well together. Finding something for her to be "Captain Morganing" on was more of a chore, but an old Dreamforge ammo crate from the accessory sprue worked great. I had a spare pistol grip from the accessory set as wel, so I glued that an SMG and placed it on the ground like she discarded it.

    I'm not the greatest modeler ever, and I wanted her to look like she was in the corridor of a ship. I figure a warship would have a brightly painted interior to use what light there is to the maximum, and any flat surface would likely be padded in case the ship manuvered suddenly. So, that means little surface detail. I just painted the base a bright grey, and then washed with gloss Nuln.

    I deleted my earlier entry to add this one. I feel she's a better model, and more a show as to what can be done with the kit overall. More thought than just "hey- I'm painting and here's a contest." Hope you like it.


  • Richard Smeeton

    Halfling Champion

    Barrey Heavyfoot won his gold armour in a pie eating competition, fortunately he is just as good at fighting as he is eating.


  • Forum username - mruk

    Title of entry - Imperial Expeditionary Force

    Description of entry - Grognard + backpack and additional equipment from Bolt Action DAK kit.

  • User name: CONANBARBARIC

    Title: Orc on Cage

    Description: An orc pointing a bow right at you!

  • Orcs!

  • Entries are now closed for this january contest.

    We've had an overwhelming 70 entries in response to this competition. Frankly, we don't know yet how we're going to whittle it down, as we expected a fraction of this response.

    on behalf of HQ, and myself, thank you all for entering.

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