Contest: New years painting competition - General discussion and banter

  • Want to share updates about your painting contest entry, talk shop with other entrants, or comment/critique on entries posted in the main thread? This is the place!


    Main contest thread for rules and posts containing entries: LINK!

  • Any age restrictions? 

  • How Kitbash friendly do you guys want to be? I've been working on a custom Death Fields team cyber-Scotland Yard, aka Ro-Bobbies, using Atlantic digital parts as a challenge to myself. I've been mixing a fair number of sets to make the squad so far, and if I can figure out a favorite I'd probably enter that. They aren't really a good representation of any set in particular though, so thy may not be what you are looking for.

  • @Red Bee to me, that's just a great example of how flexible the kits are!

  • @Miyuso No, as long as you are entering a wargames atlantic miniature. In humor: No Lich, mummies, vampires or other undead may apply.

    @Red Bee go for it! just list parts used in your entry description.


  • @Lord Marcus : Is video acceptable? I have got a 360º-video of a grognard heavy weapon painted to the maximal standard I could achieve (and in a lightbox) for exactly this opportunity.

    The news of this competition are awesome. I hope that this kind of open contest, with near box-art quality photography as per the new "Goonhammer" standard, can become a common fixture. I think the next frontier for wargames Atlantic is getting a community source of high-quality pictures of their painted model lines.

    The current Facebook group is a bit of a waste of talent in that regard - the algorithm makes it a "closed silo" that isn´t really accesible to Google, or any image searchers, unless a lot of prodding and very specific prompting is used. As a consequence, when I try to find painted examples of any Wargames Atlantic model line at a high standard and photography, they are VERY hard to find - even if I KNOW them to exist in said group.

    Making a selection of best pictures posted to the Facebook group, Reddit & Goonhammer, and posting them up in the website blog as a retrospective (maybe after some background cleanup) would make much for the visibility of Wargames Atlantic. A community that regularly treats a manufacturer´s new releases as an "artist´s proof" is the most persuasive argument to buy and emotionally invest on it.

  • That is certainly the plan. 


    @antonio_tarruell yes you can link to/add video. But please be sure you have photos

  • That outlaw of marks is inspired. Using the panzer lehr and painting the fatigue coat as a leathers jacket! I wouldn't have thought of that immediately.

  • @Lord Marcus thanks for the kind words! I ordered a sprue of them to test that idea out after someone was asking about biker minis a few months ago. 

    We inspire each other here!

  • Enjoying the entries so far. But I notice, nothing is Fantasy. It's all Sci-Fi or historic so far. 

  • @antonio_tarruell  I agree with you. I had hoped we would see more folks posting their WGA models on this forum at the very least. 

  • @Miyuso my own Fantasy projects tend to be kitbashed and largely use Frostrgave kits. I wanted to enter a figure that only used WGA parts. I could have entered a WGA skeleton, but didn't think it would really show off the paint as well.

  • Hello,

    I took a look at the rules for the painting contest. One thing I don't understand is whether multiple entries per person are allowed? (I'm sorry, English isn't my native language).

    Best regards,


  • "This will be a single entrant/single entry contest. You may submit photos of a single model from any of our ranges, be it an irish warrior from the plastic set or a single doctor from the recently released WW1 field hospital.  Try a new paint combo, or just paint a model to the best you can. We'd like to see your work!"

  • @De Bairead just got to say great job on that Irish warrior cape

  • @Ducknuck84 Cheers, I wanted the cape to be a strong contrast to the shield and I'm overall pleased with how it turned out.

  • @De Bairead Very crisp painting. Nice work.

    I could have used your steady hand when painting that damn US Flag for my entry... I'm generally pleased with it, but the close up photo does me no favours.

  • The latest entries: that halfling general and the dark age Irish warrior with the black shield are both excellent. Well done.


    As a hobbyist I'm personally impressed with that general. It's a very simple conversion that you normally wouldn't think of and it works perfectly.

  • Hi everyone,

    I decided to jump the gun and decided to post my model, I hope you like it :)


  • @Fabio Del Frate I didn't realize it was possible to paint a hairy chest on a miniature.


    That came out really well. What was your recipe on the skin tone?

  • Posted my lizardman up. Some what of a hard choice between that and the ghostly goth that I painted at the same time it but I am good with how the scaly air pirate turned out and was what I planned to enter:


  • @Lord Marcus GW Ratskin Flesh base mixed with a little of Guilliman Flesh. Highlights with Vallejo Flat Flesh. Progressively more iraqui sand and ivory for extreme lights. The body-hair is made mixing a drop of GW contrast Blood angel red with a drop of Talassar blue and thinning this mix 5 to 1 with medium. You the build the shadow of where the hair is an try to draw some small lines to convey the impression of real hairs. Hope that it helps :) ;)

  • @Fabio Del Frate thank you.


    last day of the contest! please get your entries in now!

  • @antonio_tarruell oh we're going to figure out a gallery. We've had an overwhelming response the the contest so far, and are looking at making this a regular feature.

  • @Lord Marcus Glad to hear that the feedback was good, and the submissions hit the intended mark!

    I had been anticipating the eventuality since November (it seemed a likely move). I got my lightbox, the minis primed and a couple new painting techniques on the road based on the prediction that you might end up doing a contest, but I was afraid it might not catch as well as I wished.

    Concerns were satisfyingly put to rest! I think that blog repost in WA´s main page (didn´t check facebook) was the inflexion point - people seem to love the chance to display their work, and then things just seemed to start escalating, in a good way.

    The amount and diversity of submissions is excellent. I have seen so many conversions and custom jobs that I think my chances of winning are actually quite low - and I think that being so overmatched in the painting and photography departments compared to the rest of entries is the best that could happen!!! XDDD

    Seriously, the sheer amount of quality photography going on this contest gives me a fuzzy feeling. You didn´t use to see that often even a handful years ago. The marriage between better phone cameras and cheap, portable lightboxes really has changed the landscape in surprising ways.


    The mini box rewards are not my main motivator - it is the sheer amount of high-quality painted examples you wouldn´t otherwise see and people starting to "gel" and get excited around submission plans.

    Still, the real prize will be the blog post of entries in the main page, lovingly curated, and the promise for more community contests at predictable intervals (for me, as many as can be while allowing anticipation!)

    Hopefully, the logistics of managing the competition won´t be too hard or involved to maintain on your end, and it will be something enjoyable that doesn´t detract from everyday operation of the company :-)

  • I was just happy to see more than one Halfling with a gun.

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