Cannon Fodder II minis

  • Another of the Cannon Fodder II minis I did, I actually did this one before the one I entered into the contest but as it was almost exactly like one on the box art I didn't want to use it for my entery eventhough I think I did a better job on the skin on this one.

    As I paint more I'll post them here rather then make a new thread for each

  • Looks good. However she seems very capable of defending herself as "Cannon Fodder" 😄

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  • Nice work. The eyes really stand out - an excellent looking face overall. She has a fierce expression to match the stance.

    Time and again I tell everyone how good the Cannon Fodder kits are, both 1 and 2. Probably the most versatile set of multi-part plastics made to date by any manufacturer, at least for modern / sci-fi minis.

  • You could try to modify the legs with GS, making ankle lenght boots, to simulate a combat uniform. All these figures are a bless for kitbashing and conversion, I hope that they'll make also a female version of "OOH Rahs", allowing a mix & match of the two sets.

  • Let's just say that her first outing as the team's demolition expert did not go so well.

  • Techancly not from Box II but going to keep all cannon fodder minis in one post. Used an arm set from the add on sprue.

  • @Ducknuck84 


    I'm picking up what you're putting down...  LOL.

  • The shaven heads with the sort of "Collar" could be used for build a penal unit with IG's bodies, only problem could be a certain difference in dimensions, don't know if they're compatible.

  • @Alessio De Carolis I'm using the Death Fields Les Grognards as alternate Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii bodies, and they scale fine, by my eye.  I had to cut the "neck bulb" off of the Skitarii heads, and use green stuff to make a new neck, but I dig the results.  I'll post pics when I get home.

  • @Benjamin Hayward 

    Looking forward to the pics.

    Been thinking about bashing Cannon Fodder with Genestealer Cults extra parts to get more cult rabble.

  • @JTam Here they are.  Obviously, they're not painted, yet; I'm waiting for some backpacks and other parts I ordered from Etsy.

    I think the scale pretty well!  Plus, the rifles that come with the Gognards fit really well with Ad Mech, too.

    I also found some great bionic bits on Etsy to turn some of my Cannon Fodder into servitors!

  • @Benjamin Hayward 

    Thanks for the pictures!

  • Take the Shot!

  • @Ducknuck84 

    Really nice!

  • You should try the kneeling pose with a Stargrave's heavy weapon, such as one's in mercenaries' sprue, I imagine an heavy weapons squad could be possible.

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