Goth Warriors Review from Wargames Illustrated

  • From the JAN 2023 issue of Wargames Illustrated:

  • These could pass for a lot of germanic tribes, given that all those ones had pratically the same dress, and the nobles, expecially those who'd served as mercenaries in the Empire, adopted romans'-type armours, naturally with some variations, expecially for the helms.

  • Without the specifically Roman parts and maybe other heads, they're usable through to the middle ages.

  • December 2022 copy of "Miniature Wargames":

  • They're indeed usefull for the complete Late Antiquity / Early Medieval Period. Mix in more or lesser Roman Eqipment form the Late Roman Sets and you ca go for all Germanic People of the Late Antiquity. For Nobles you need Armour.

    Now we need Cavalry.


  • Norman or Saxon bodies with headswaps more or less take you through the Crusades. But Fireforge, Victrix and Conquest do cover that period anyway.

    Then we come to the 13th-14th C gap that is mostly missing in plastic. Too much chain for Agincourt, too much plate for Arsuf!

  • @JTam I find it curious that WI claimed that the figures are 'short, narrow-shouldered and undernourished'. I wouldn't be at all surprised if that comment was the result of reviewing some of Victrix's Heroic-Scale Late Romans on the opposite page, against whom they would look slightly shorter.

    If combined with Gripping Beast and Warlord models, on the other hand, I certainly think those would fit in well. They're currently the WA set I'm most interested in, particularly due to the solid archer poses you can get from it. 

    @Alessio De Carolis They're useful for more than just Germans - I certainly think if they were given some Celtic-style moustached heads, and their tunics and trousers livened up a bit with stripy and chequered patterns they'd be good for Romano-Britons and Welsh, hence my big interest in them.

  • Obscurities in Miniature review of the Goths...

    ... he seemed to like them.

  • Now we need Cavalry...

  • I'm suprised that the review didn't mention that a number of the helmets heads had holes/bubbles on the temples. That was the case for the 2 boxes that I got. Aside from that I absolutely love the set and imagine that with further uses of the mold that issue might be ironed out since I preordered. 


    It's honesty one of the most multi use boxes I've ever seen

  • @Big Boi there's a good chance that most sprues don't have that issue (and that the review box sent to the magazine may have been carefully checked for defects...). You should be able to contact the retailler or manufacturer about a replacement or refund if the product quality is substandard. 

  • @Mark Dewis I could but I already built them and still had more than enough usable heads. thank you though

  • These Goth Warriors look great! Can you use them as Slavic Warriors?

  • I've assembled two boxes, and kit-bashed another with the WA Roman infantry in mail. These are incredibly versatile and also mix well with Gripping Beast minis. Two thumbs up!

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