Alwyd, the world of the Quar has a number of factions. Which do you prefer?

Which faction do you support for your Quar project?

  • I thought this might be fun to discuss as well as give WGA and Zombiesmith an idea of what might do well in the future should they dedcide to make new miniatures.

  • Marines! Bring on the Toulmore! 

  • @Grumpy Gnome 

    Where have you found the best synopsis of the fluff posted?

  • @JTam I have found the fluff to be scattered throughout all the various books, without a single best location for all of it. Each expansion has pushed the timeline along a bit... so This Quar’s War 2.0 is good place for some of the most up to date fluff. It is a free PDF.

    Or you can look at these entries for a good chunk of lore without going through the PDFs. 

  • The fidwog are my favorite, so I'll side with the royalists.

  • So far based on colors and Lore it's Fidwog for me too

  • Everyone loves the Fidwoggers!

    There will be more lore and fluff at soon, but for now, the best bet really is the books. They are free!

  • My personal favourite is the Principality of Gwynt, because their uniforms look the closest to English Civil War uniforms, so in general I went Royalist.

    A pity WA aren't going to make plastic bare Quar heads, I rather fancied making some with some hats and equipment from Warlord's ECW boxes to make 17th Century Woodies, for whatever game I can think of.

  • That said,  already thinking of making an 'irregular' regiment with new color scheme etc, I've found some interesting bits on Etsy to add an extra dash of weird.

  • I'll be releasing bare heads! I have a whole slate of releases to go alongside the plastics.

  • @Joshua Qualtieri I still have a bunch of your older 28mm Quar sculpts to get yet, but I am also definitely excited to see what new things you are going to release. 

    The plastic Quar prototype prints look a bit chunkier than the current metal sculpts. Will you be releasing metal spare parts that will fit the new plastics or will they be the same size as the current metal spare parts? 

    Is there any estimated release date? 

  • Everything new will match the plastics in style. The vehicles will work with both.

  • @Joshua Qualtieri 

    Cool. I do not mind a bit of diversity in the models so will be using both plastic Quar and metal Quar when it becomes possible. 👍

  • i don't really have a  quar project in mind, though making a Xenos Rampant army might be fun. but for me, the choice would be less about the lore (which is on those webpages), and more about visuals. which faction has the more interesting uniform and equipment styles?

  • Speaking of fidwog, will they come in plastic?

  • @Mithril2098 It is a fair point that the Quar can be used for a lot more than their original lore. I have been wrangling with just how I will use them, ie pure lore or modified to include other things or maybe even something completely fresh. 

    As for what looks best, it is interesting to consider which design aesthetic appeals the most to customers. So far I like all of the designs, so much so that it makes it difficult to choose a favorite.

  • @Mithril2098 I'm thinking XR and Stargrave for mine, a Quar crew or use them as NPCs 

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