Mutinous thoughts

  • At the moment we have two Indian Mutiny/First Indian War of Independence British sets in the plastics pipeline, but as far as I can tell there has never been any information about what is intended for each kit.

    Could we get some detail on this? Most of the other kits it's clear what you're likely to get (including the third Mutiny kit - Sepoys), but in this case it's a total mystery.

  • Well besides sepoys I am pretty sure redcoat infantry are also in the works and those two should be the first 2 kits for mutiny line in a just world.  The second British kit could be cavalry, artillery or in a very different direction and be armed civilian colonists.

  • @Brian Van De Walker yeah, it's fairly likely the one designated (1) is British infantry, but what that second kit may be is the real question here. Could be Sikhs, for example.

  • @Mark Dewis Hmm, Sikhs... wouldn't they just label it Sikhs? I mean they labeled the Sepoys "Sepoys" in the money where your mouth is poll, I think it is smarter to err on the side of conservitive logic and assume that "British 2" is actually just more Anglosaxon people in plastic and not cool code "we are the other East Indians that fight for the British overlords" (after all some of that would be just headswaping).

  • @Brian Van De Walker Ehh. Sikhs wore different tunics and aren't exactly head swappable in this era. That's more of a post WW1 thing.

    I mean, there's a chance it's cavalry or artillery... but there was also enough uniform variation on the British side that it could actually be two infantry boxes. 

  • I mean... one option would be service dress infantry vs shell jacket style:

    There's also Highlanders and naval brigade. My entire point here is.... we just do not know. And I'd like to. 


  • @Mark Dewis It's probably just cavalry or cannons, that is the safe bet. plus I vaguly recall them mentioning cavalry for this. 


  • @Brian Van De Walker Sepoys I get. You need a lot of them. Not so sure how WA will tackle British infantry. Not that many red coats (literally) in India. Shirtsleeves, khaki boatcoats, etc more common.

  • @Henk Vervaeke there were 40,160 British soldiers and yes there was diffrences in their uniforms (same deal with a lot of conflicts the British got themselves tangled up in), but cavalry or artillery still seems like the likely bet (artillery particularly). Could also be a command set.

    The only "British" infantry alternates I see (outside it being code for Gurkha)  is maybe East India Company army if that was still a thing, though I suppose it could be divided between whatever was common for coastal based  troops or a particular battle and those marching down from the Crimean war which had just "finished" giving you a plastic infantry box to face off against those Russians Warlord has for the Crimean war.

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