The Tribe?

  • The poll has asked why people are not joining the tribe for the stls?
    For me there is nothing yet released that is interesting to me.
    I'm a bit narrow in my interest, major beligerants post D-Day NW Europe in WW2.
    Partisans have plenty of cover with existing minis and the fantasy of mass female activity in the Maquis doesnt fit with my interest or history.
    Thats why I've not joined.

  • I just found out about this. I joined tonight, I don't yet have a printer, but plan to get one soon.

    There was a banner on the MMF page that said if you join you get $120 worth of downloads. So far I haven;t found out about how to claim the stls.

  • @Brandon Chamberlain Things will show up automattically in your library. So for nothing has been treleased for April. Releases have been recently happening late in the month. 

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