• Maybe this has been brought up somewhere else, but here we go anyway.

    One thing I know is coming (and I think a range to reflect it would be dope) is android/robot/cyborg soldiers. In some instances, just using human figures with "augments" would work, but a dedicated line would be cool.

    With that, some drones for use with other forces would be great. Iron Core has the MULEs already that WGA can potentially release (as was originally done in the Dreamforge days) but a slew of other drone types could also be made. Mobile gun systems, hovering recon drones, Walking support weapons platforms, etc. I think a set like this could be really interesting, and fill out some areas for home brew games (and allow for some really neat heavy weapons teams for another game).

    Given the title of the post- some BSG themed toasters could be a great addition... Just saying.

    What are people thoughts on this?

  • Oh, yeah, I'd definitely snag a box.  I'm always in the market for robotic/cybernetic minis and parts for building and kitbashing.

  • Some rugged, less human robots, like the Iron-Core Mules, would be welcome. Machine guns with legs and little else.

  • Absolutely Yes! I have asked this a number of times already on the forum. A kit with separate robot torsos and lower bodies, with varied traction designs would be ideal (ie: legs, wheels, tracks, hover/grav and maybe multi-legged). That way you could customise your designs and also use the bits to make cyborgs and other mechanical monstrosities!

  • Sign me up for these too.

  • The Eisenkern MULEs were an amazing kit.  I hope we see it again.

    Humanoid combat robots don't interest me personally but I can see they have wide appeal.

    I did just watch "Jung E" on Netflix.  It has just about all the humanoid robotic combat one could want.

  • I think there is a good market for “build your own” robot kits. This is a strength of multi-pose plastic kits. Whether humanoid robots or not.

    One cool non-humanoid design is the robots from War of the Worlds (2020).

  • I am also a fan of the humanoid robots on both sides in Outside the Wire...

  • Infantry drones? Count me in. Something similar to the Infantry Robots in COD Infinite Warfare or Elysium

  • A smart kit would allow for easy chaining of hip and torso sections to allow bipedal, quadrepedal or 6+ legged machines from the same parts. You can always kitbash, but it's nicer to just to be able to slot the modules together how you wish.

  • @Mark Dewis Great idea. A way to make multi-legged machines from the one kit would be great. They could easily augment the plastic kit with 3D printer add-ons like extra bodies, arms and heads to expand the versatility.

  • An advanced option might be to allow legs to be mounted sideways as for a crawling body. Once you string together enough segments it may be a more efficient walking style than knees vertically under the hips.

    Hey Centipede, you see that Village of tribespeople? Yeah? Let's siege it.  : r/RimWorld


  • @Mark Dewis That robotic centipede is the stuff of nightmares mate. 

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