Jager Legs and Iron Core Torsos

  • So, having done the review, and seeing that I missed TWO LEFT LEGS WERE MISSING in the set, I put it here that a set of additional left legs that matcht he spare rights in the kit would be a super duper .stl set. Also- torsos and shoulder pads so we can take those extra legs and weapon/arm combos and make even more warriors would be awesome. I'd pay for that.

  • @Battle Specter what are you saying was missing? And from what kit?

  • @Lord Marcus If you look at the picture below, you'll see what I mean. The Jager kit only has five complete leg sets per kit (not a total issue) but TWO spare right legs. 

    Full sets yellow, lefts in green, rights in blue.

  • Wasn't this a different thread earlier today?.. Pretty sure you had an existing thread where people posted in regards to this.

  • @Colin Brinkley Yes, in the Iron Core section. I put it here as a direct request for .stls for the tribe. Figure it makes sense giving what I think is an equitable solution. The other post was an addendum to the review post.

  • Are we talking missing legs, or extra legs? Because a couple of extra right legs for alternate poses doesn't seem like a problem to me.

    Edit after checking the sprue: Yep. It's just two extra parts so you can pose the legs different ways. Five of each torso and backpack parts, five complete leg sets with two alternate right legs suitable for two of the leg set designs. Also several head options. Is the OP saying we need to have only 5 heads on the sprue and one gun option per torso as well???

  • @Mark Dewis I'd agree, but they don't fit without work. Maybe that was the intent, but it seems more like an oversight than a calculated move. 

  • As you can see, the one leg that fits the best after you remove the peg, creates a cool, but extreme pose. I dont feel this was intentional.

  • @Battle Specter I'll pull out my sprues to check when I get home, but don't recall them being an issue. 

    But looking at the sprue photo I see what you're talking about. The two pieces with one leg and both hips are right leg ones, so only fit with the loose left legs. The loose right legs don't seem to have a home, unless they somehow can be made to work with the loose left ones or the kneeling legs.

  • @Mark Dewis The only left leg that needs a right is the kneeling leg. I thought at first that I was seeing things, or losing my head. Maybe I am. I don't think so. i've looked at the sprues now a dozen times, and I don't see that I'm wrong.


  • As the others mentioned, i believe those are alternate leg choices for specific left legs.


    You have 5 torsos and 5 complete leg sets. the sprue is designed to create 5 models. 

  • @Lord Marcus Agteed on the five complete figures, but if they were making this like the Stormtroopers, they have two spare leg SETS per sprue. I'm not saying "WTF, over." Just pointing out what I think is a mistake. They happen, I'm not upset. Would just like the corresponding left legs. 

  • @Lord Marcus There really do seem to be two spare right legs that do not fit with any other part. I would encourage you to get a sprue out and manually check it as I did last night; the only real way to use them is to cut the right leg off one of the parts that has hips, or to awkwardly match it onto the part which has hips and kneeling left leg, as Battle Specter has shown... which requires cutting a peg off. 

    The sprue is fit for purpose, but it seems someone goofed. Would be surprised if this has not been noticed before, but it's the sort of error that doesn't justify recutting the moulds.

  • @Mark Dewis I'd rather ask Mark for his input, as he redesigned the plastics.

    @Battle Specter The iron core stuff was redesigned completely for the wargames-atlantic-manufactured release. "like" is the operative term in your sentence "Like the [original iron core release] stormtroopers" because they are like them. Mark obviously changed the parts list when he updated the sculpts, so obviously there would be differences.

  • @Lord Marcus I understand there were differences, but the operative "like" you mention isn't referring to the DFG Stormtroopers. "but if they were making this like the [WGA] Stormtroopers." The WGA Stormtroopers has a total of 2 complete spare legs per sprue. I think the intent was an additional spare leg set, but something got lost in translation. The kit is still great. I just don't know what to do with the additional right legs- I can only Captain Morgan so many Jagers.

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