Sets You didn't know you wanted

  • We've been talking about downsides of Atlantic Digital a lot recently, but I want to talk about an upside: what sets from the digital initiative have been the biggest surprise wins for you?

    There are plenty of sets already that have obscure subjects that likely won't never have been produced through traditional means, and sets thatIve received through the Tribe that I probably would never have purchased that I have ended up loving. 


    In November there were a lot of sets that got me excited, I would have bought a box of the Damned, and the Grognard Calvary in a heart beat,  and the Kobolds were instant buys for me, but my surprise wins came from the Gurkahs set. There's something about the stylized look of these guys that I really dig. I ended up unsung some of the full body figures as my very first 3d prints, and they may actually be my most played figures, as I've used them as slightly anachronistic forces in Bolt Action and Battletroops. 

    December gave my the Victorian Police which inspired an ongoing kitbash project, in my custome Death Fields team Ro-Bobbies. This set gave me a lot of value out of every other set. The thing I do when a new set comes out is open the multi-fuggure files and see what can be used for my Ro-Bobbies team. 

    The Arabian Revolution set is my favorite set in January. The set seems Ike such an obvious blind spot in the hobby that doesn't get a lot of representation. I doubt there is anyone into historical that doesn't know Lawrence of Arabia, yet I've never seen a box set in any hobby store I've been to. It's a great set that inspired me to look to new gaming systems, watch some classic cinema and do some historic research. There were bigger and more impressive sets this month, but nothing that provided more entertainment for me and my wife.


    So what are your surprise favorites?

  • Set I didn't know I wanted but was an awesome surprise?

    Definitely the WW1 Combat Nurses:

  • I have so many wants it's hard to surprise me with stuff I wasn't already hoping for, but I really wasn't expecting the Alien Trees to grab me as much as they did. 

  • The new death fields with the gas masks are really nice.

  • The maori revolt bodies. The kilts with sculpted tartan lines is a godsend.

  • @JTam You know... That would make an interesting force of Faux Gaurd...

  • @Battle Specter 

    File off Cross on breast, apply double headed eagle decal?

  • @JTam MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Nurses of destruction!!!

  • @Battle Specter 

    A Squad of Order Hospitallers would be bada*s and you could pretty much just run them as a regular Imperial Guard squad and slot them into any Imperial force.  

    I wonder how the Cannon Fodder lasgun arms fit on these bodies?

  • I haven't had much chance to do anything game-related over the winter, been pretty busy with a reorganization and other adventures at work, among other things, and I'm not big on digital printing, BUT I'm almost tempted to go out and get a printer just for "The Damned" - what a cool set, it's just about exactly what I would hope for with an over-the-top post-apocalyptic war-ghoul band - I suggested something very similar a while back, and had no real hopes of seeing anything like it, but the style and design of these guys are perfect, better than I imagined, and if these were in hard plastic, I'd buy a handful of boxes in a heartbeat!

    The various cultists and priests and monks, alien heads, robots, cannon fodder civilians, and Victorian police are also exciting kits - again, too bad they aren't hard plastic kits, but I suppose that digital is probably the best way to do this sort of niche thing.

    But, those are mostly the sorts of kits that I already knew I'd want if they were ever made, and in most cases kits I actually requested.

    The stuff I didn't know I wanted would include:

    1. The fantasy caravan:  a subject that didn't interest me at all until I actually saw the renders.  How cool is that "not-Gandalf" wizard driver, the drunken halfing driver, and those monster draft animals?!?!  If I were into Warhammer gaming, I'd really find it hard to resist getting this set and the WA goblins and converting this into a caravan of goblin war-wagons drawn by those monsters....
    2. The combat nurses (and doctors & field hospital) - I don't think a kit like this would have ever occurred to me to suggest or ask for, but now that I've seen it, it's a cool set of great stuff! 
    3. Camp followers???  For a set that appaently started its life as an April Fool's joke, this one turned out really solid, and it looks like it would come in really useful for a variety of purposes both in historical games, and in fantasy and pulp gaming.
    4. Committee of Public Safety and Guillotine:  I don't have any use for these kits, but they're so cool, I want to find an excuse to get them anyway.  Too bad there aren't more characters for the mob watching the execution, and it seems like these two kits might have bundled together really well....


    Seriously, there's a lot of great stuff in these digital options, and it really REALLY tempts to to make that leap into 3D printing!



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