500 Point Bolt Action Armies From a Single WGA Box - Round 2

  • You can actually have a fun little game at 500 points in Bolt Action.  You can also generally build a 500 point army from a single 28mm box with a bit of thought.  

    There are some other 500 points armies from a single Wargames Atlantic Box here:


    I started a new thread as the previous one went way off topic.  

  • WGA's "The German Sentries" kit doesn't initially seem like the best candidate to build an army from.


    But I found the perfect list for them.

    The 325 Sicherungs-Division/Defense of Paris list:

    From the Campaign D-Day US Sector:

    This list and the WGA German Sentries kit really compliment each other.  

    The Sentry kit has separate gorgets so you can build as many Feldjagerkorps as you want.

    I would mostly use the bodies with low boots and gators to represent these veterans.  

    I would mostly use the bodies with jack boots to represent the rear echelon "Alert" troops who have been pulling sweet duty in gay Paris for the last 4 years.  (Jack boots were far preferred by most German Soldiers and occupation troops would have definitely held onto them).

    Finally the WGA kit lets you build an excellent looking Officer.

    Here is the 500 point list I came up with.  This is only using models and options in the kit.

    The keen eyed will note that above is 31 models.  To hit 500 points I had to use one dog model who is listed as a Feldjagerkorps member.  I think the submachinegun does a good job of representing the dogs close combat capability.  I would personally not shoot the dog's SMG in game.  

    Alternatively stealing 2 or 3 Panzerfausts from a Panzer Lehr kit would make a more well round force and hit 500 points without using a dog mini.

    It's an interesting list with weak units and veterans.  The Feldjagerkorps "Get Back In The Fight" rule actually creates a decent synergy.  The Feldjagerkorps should be able to close and seize objectives.  The "Alert" troops might be able to hold down objectives.  


  • The Defense of Paris list also allows Milice Squads.  

    Member @BUYCK Eric had this great idea to model Milice using the French Infantry Officer bodies and Panzer Lehr.  


  • A single Wargames Atlantic's Partisans (1): French Resistance builds a 500 point opposition force.

    I used the "Paris Uprising" list, also from the Campaign D-Day: US Sector book.

    Late War Partisan squads are Regular so more dependable.  You have two base of fire squads and two maneuver squads. 

    I might limit them to only 50 points of free barricades considering the low points value of the armies.

    (Sidenote it would be awesome if the Partisans (2) Female French Resistance came with more rifles and more options like a Panzefaust, PIAT, and sniper rifle.  A prone and or kneeling body would be great as well.)

  • The Paris Uprising list also allows you to take Paris Police Prefecture Squads.  You could build a 5 man squad of them from the Officer bodies in the WGA French Infantry kit.

    (Really nicely done here!)


  • They've preserved some of the bullet holes in the Hotel de Ville from the Uprising (with a plaque). Worth seeing when you're in Paris. It's near the tourist information centre, too.

  • Making a 500 point list from the Wargames Atlantic "British SAS/Commandos" kit:

    Turning to the Campaign D-Day: US Sector book again we will use the SAS Northwest Europe Selector.  Reaching 500 points will be easy as these guys are rock hard, festooned with special rules, and consequently each mini is points heavy.


    One might be able to get to a 1000 points with this single box.  We've only used 18 of 30 minis to get to 500.  


  • The SAS North Western Europe selector also lets you take Maquis squads.  So you could do a cool army up with the WGA SAS/Commando and Partisans (1) box.

  • Ok.  This is slightly cheating.  But what if you already own the 0200 Starter Set:

    And then get this newly offered expansion:

    Well then, you got a 500 point Bolt Action army.  

    The "Maquis Reinforces Platoon" list has Jedburgh teams, Maquis squads, and SAS squads in it.

    + X2



    Plus one plastic Partisan spotter.

    Really interesting list with some interesting capabilities.


    I didn't find a way to include this model. 

    Maybe use her in a squad if you equip them with antitank grenades.


    Also, you could skip picking up the metal Jedburgh team and make them from the SAS plastics from the starter set ......  But those are really nice models and the Brit kit with American weapons really says Jedburgh.


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