Iron Core Tank STL

  • Mark Mondragon tried to kickstart a 3D printed tank for Iron Core that was absolutely beautiful. The kickstarters failed to meet their goals (I was immensely disappointed both times), but this seems like low hanging fruit if you can get your hands on it?

    Also would be nice to see something released for Iron Core.

  • @Mike Henthorne Valkir were the next kit in progress, as far as I am aware.


    The iron core releases are dictated by mark, from what I understand.

  • I add to this... the Stug III AG-Tank were a great idea... 
    What's about the Valkyr?... last summer I read they should come in November... and now we have 02/2023...

  • @Frank Reischmann In fairness, I don't believe WGA ever gave the november date, that was an assumption on many people's part. They were teased on a newletter in Dec, but thats the most recent information we have, and its also worth noting that Iron-Core are a partnered releases, not a totally in-house line for WGA.

  • @Lord Marcus I am not talking about plastic kits, I mean for the Digital side. Only a few months into it and we see so many variations on the plastic kits, it would just be cool to see something to compliment my massive pile of Eisenkern troopers.

  • @Mike Henthorne Agreed. I think a release of the heavy weapons set, some pouches (those Jager left legs), and maybe some arms or a commander would be dope.

  • @Mike Henthorne If you read the initial announcment of atlantic digital, Iron core, reptilian overlords, etc. All the outsource program/partnership lines are not included in plans for digital. If Mark, or reptilian overlords, etc want to do a collaborative release that would certainly be something they could take up with @Hudson Adams , however as far as I am aware they have not yet done so.

  • @Lord Marcus I realize they are not part of the core products, but the reason for bringing it up is to create a suggestion that they reach out for a collaboration on this since the files were already created based on my understanding from the kickstarter.

    Either way, I think there is plenty of potential if they came up with Digital Content from their partners and I don't think anyone here would be upset in the slightest.

  • @Mike Henthorne both Dreamforge and Reptilian Overlords do their own digital sculpting (unsure regarding Grey For Now Games). Dreamforge is basically a one-person part time operation (Mark Mondragon does it all, but has a full time job too).

    Wargames Atlantic are the plastic option for both of them, and RO already retail their digital stuff themselves. From what I've seen Mark Mondragon isn't likely to sell his sculpts, but you never know.

  • @Mark Dewis If Mondragon does, I won't complain. I like that he and WGA have teamed up to bring the Jagers and Stormtroopers back. Always good to see a good idea get a  second chance at life.

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