1866-1870 bavarians ?

  • What ever happened to these bavarians that where being worked on a couple years ago ? 

  • @Joe D 

    @Caratacus took this screencap of the release schedule before the in progress section got kiboshed.

    Evidently it's in the "parts check" phase.


  • Given its addtion to the Vox Populi...

    Much farther into the future judging by the votes currently would be my guess unless either some big positve economic changes happen in the US this year, Eagles of Empires or some other Franco Prussian war ruleset gets Saga big, A really cool Franco Prussian war set movie gets released this summer or Warhammer 40k gets so unpopular that 19th century histoy gaming takes its place for some reason.

    As it stands currently Spanish infantry, Conquestador Cavalry, and Early WW2 British are the top 3 in that order right now with Cannon fodder command/Heavy Weapons a close fourth followed by WW1 Russians, Franks, (happily for me) Warring States Chinese, with 2 Death Field's options tied after that. 

    Its kind of a pity since the bavarians would be awsome fantasy kitbashing/gaming along side the lizardmen and as opponets/allies for Perry's Prussians.



  • @Brian Van De Walker 

    Probably roughly two years out based on its stage of production and current rate of WGA releases.

    Vox Populi having zero effect on that unless some other kit reaches a thousand votes and bumps to the front of the line.  Currently I don't see that happening for quite a while and not very often.  

    Sadly the time to release "Franco-Prussian War Bavarians" is right now.  The Perrys are just about to release their plastic Franco-Prussian War French to compliment their plastic Franco-Prussian War Prussians.  This is it.  This is as much buzz as the Franco-Prussian War is ever going to get.  This is when the people who were waiting are buying their armies.  

  • @JTam Maybe. I tend to agree with you that sometime this year would be best not just because of perry (who have been slow with thier French release) but also due to Eagles Of Empires rules coming out.  That said its possible that someone does a Warhammer/Saga popularity level 19th Century Europe game sometime in the near future where percussion cap armed Bavarians and Austrians are a must, making 2 years from now perfect or pumping up the numbers for earlier release. 🤷‍♂️ Also 2 years is better then 6 for this.

  • Most ACW rules would suit, I'd have thought.

  • @Brian Van De Walker 

    Not sure if Warhammer and Saga are broadly comparable for popularity......

  • @JTam I just based it on past "great wargaming survay" results I recall seeing for history gaming for period gaming. It looks like Saga and Boltaction alternate between being the most the popular rule sets for history since those are the big names for Dark Age and WW2 gaming respectivly. Likewise Saga did make Vikings and Saxons go plastic 3 times over, so yeah I would say its broadly comparable to Warhammer for our convo purposes, though maybe thinking of it as a scale (Saga to Warhammer) might be a better way to think about it.

  • @Mark Dewis ACW is kinda of an odd war to compare the FPW to since the ACW starts with flintlocks armed firing lines and ends with early examples of almost WW1 style trench warfare. Truthfully a modified Boltaction would likely work best for the FPW given the tech and how it was fought.

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