Ooh-Rah (and other) accessory sets

  • I think it's been mentioned before- I think the Digital arena would be a great place to put an accesory set for the various boxed sets in the Deathfields genre.

    To be more direct, I'd like to see a heavy weapons upgrade for the various sets, made for each. Perhaps additional bodies for the sets that have spare arms/heads to increase value. If you had a way to get more bodies for the Ooh-Rah set as an example, you have enough spare weapons sets and heads to basically double the total number of models from a single box. That shoves the price WAY down per model. The same is true for plenty of the boxes (though not to the same degree). Give the Ooh-Rah kit an upgrade set with some a few different bodies, and some heavy weapons (missile launchers, maybe a heavy machine gun, or an auto-grenade launcher ala the Mk-19) and that set alone would have perhaps the best value in the market hands down.

    I guess what I'm saying (and what WGA probably already knows) is that there is a TON of potential here. And, as noted already, something that sells like hotcakes, or gets a suddenly high demand for being produced via injection molding could get sent to the front of the line for our grubby little hands.

    Man, the more I think of it, the more I want to see a lit accessory set for the Ooh-Rah box. Some more packs (so all of them can have one), man portable missile launchers- maybe even mortars (or you could be really cool and COMBINE the two... Please...). Then all they need is a ride. Soemthing... Assault-vehicle-ish. Like a fast moving IFV, or heaviily armed medium transport shuttle.

  • Drone and operator... long distance encrypted radio/cyberwarfare set... engineering tools (chain or circular saw, blow torch, mines, explosives, pick axe/shovel, barbed/razor wire) ... remote sentry guns... hand held motion detector... thermal vision device/binoculars... stretcher...

  • @Grumpy Gnome Sonic electronic ball busters and pointy sticks. ;)

    Also- readin the "500 pt army from a single WGA box" thread got me thinking. What about "modern/scifi" weapons for the WWII and WWI sets? The Panzer Lehr helmets look like they could stand in for modern Kevlar helmets (US NATO troops?), and the Italians would make great Warsaw pact troops if they had AKs. And the WWI French- Can we say Death Korps?

    I mean, technically, just add the Deathfields upgrade to the French and you'd have a decent set, but I'n thinking something more in line with their scale. Suffice to say, there is a boat load of potential for conversions and cool shenanigans.

  • Great ideas.  I advocated for a "Heavy Support" theme, and fleshing out existing forces here:


    For Ooh-Rah would like to see sentry gun style heavy bolters, las cannons, etc.  Female bodies compatible with the plastic arms.  A medium machinegun with harness to go with said female body. 

    LET'S ROCK!!!


    Some arms with hand held motion detectors, medic kits, detonators, etc.

  • @JTam I can't think of a single person who's seen that movie that didn't like Vasquez. How they balanced females with attitude in that movie was amazing.

    And, yes. Sentry guns would be great- but I think WGA should stay away from "40k" styled weapons. Do something a little more "hard" scifi and let it ride. Female bodies would be awesome as well- maybe some helmetless female heads as well. Those are some good ideas. 


  • @Battle Specter 

    I mean less face facts.  Anything sci-fi that can be used for 40K will outsell something that is sci-fi and can't by a factor of about 50.  

    And it's not much of a stretch. 

    A laser antitank weapon (lascannon) is "hard" sci-fi.  They may be fitted to ships, then aircraft and vehicles first.... But eventually they'll be Infantry portable.  Eventually the scales will tip again and tank active defenses will render antitank missiles almost useless.  Enter the multiple shot, 0 time of flight, no drop, antitank laser cannon. 

    And a Heavy Bolter is nothing but a product improved MK19 (fully automatic 40mm grenade launcher).  Something I highly suspect a MEU two hundred years from now would be using.  

    (I know you know what a MK19 is... Explanation is for the benefit of other readers).

  • @Battle Specter 

    Everybody likes Vasquez.  Hard as woodpecker lips.

    Although I have it on good authority that Jennifer Laurence paved the way for her.

  • @JTam well, obviously JenLaw was a trend setter. Characters like Ripley and Vasquez and Connor would never have been popular without her massive influence. 

  • @JTam &@Battle Specter  Who is Jennifer Laurence / JenLaw and how did she pave the way for these characters? Do you guys mean the actor Jennifer Lawrence? I am confused how she could havevpaved the way for characters that predate her career.

    And, by the way.... here is some Vasquez news... there will be a new book exploring her backstory...


  • Ahhh... I get it now. Sounds like the odds were not in her favor.

  • @Grumpy Gnome Not when she's so concieted as to ignore the better actresses and characters before she came along.



  • Honestly I think even Carrie Fisher is a better action female than Jen. Problem with a lot of modern actresses is that a lot of them will tend to ignore the contributions to their predecessors. Like Brie Larson and Marvel claiming that Captain Marvel is the first female superhero movie when Wonder Woman exists and was far more entertaining in my opinion. Granted this is a problem with Hollywood in general, where they either ignore or forget that they already did this stuff earlier and often better than the modern stuff. Granted there are far worse things out there (like that Velma show, or "adult cartoons" in general).

  • @Charles Tottington What made Carrie Fisher so damned awesome back in the day was that she didn't play down the womanly aspects. She was definitely a woman -an absurdly attractive one at that- and she played a tough as nails leader of an insurgency. She didn't have the strongest physical presense, and you could tell Leia wasn't going to overpower Luke or Han andytime soon (or even a Stormtrooper) but she was determined and utterly dedicated to the cause. She overcame a lot in the scope of the storyline, and was victorious.

    Ripley had a very similar thing going on, but she went a different route similar to Vasquez. As John Ringo said in his Gen Con afteraction, "Ripley became a man with T**s." This doesn't mean she stopped being a woman- far from it as evidenced by her relationship with Newt and Hicks- she just suppressed those things about herself and rose to the occasion.

    In both instances, neither was a soulless automaton, or overly masculine. They didn't need to be. They were characters that controlled their emotions, stepped into the situation as needed, and overcame obstacles that other women would have melted undertaking.

    And Vasquez was just a solid macho woman who would probably rather field strip weapons than watch a romcom on a first date. Then beat you in a pullup contest. 

  • I think that an heavy weapons support sprue would be great, pratically 3 hw, a mortar, an HMG, and an H. AT missile launcher, with spare bodies' parts to adapt the originals ones to the various weapons, such as prone/kneeling bodies and arms with rounds/missiles and naturally a command sprue, with radio ops and officers' parts (no chainswords, please!)

  • @Alessio De Carolis 

    Why no chainswords?  They take up 0 space in the box.  You don't HAVE to print them.  They instantly greatly increase the marketability and utility of the set.

  • @JTam it was an humoristic remark about the various officers' sets on the market, almost all have a sort of sword/axe or similar, I generally like "realistic" equipments, and such a weapon automatically identify the officer as a wonderful target (as WWI explained to a lot of them in early days!).

  • @JTam What we need are actual chainsaws what can proxy as chainswords. Like I see so many chainswords but never proppa chainsaws.

  • Arms tossing an Infantry portable UAV into the air.

    A small UAV.

    (Although perhaps less combat Fleshlight looking than this one).

    Arms with controller.

    Feed display.  Maybe in a chest mounted admin pouch. 

    Or perhaps the display is on a backpack.  Worn by Soldier, observed by leaders.  

    In truth the feed should probably feed directly to their helmets .... But what's the fun in that.

  • I'll absolutely second the suggestions for accessories that include chainsaws, control devices, drones, and I'll add in hand grenades and sci-fi claymore/land mines, and sensors/trackers/geiger counters/mind detectors too.

    The Cannon Fodder civilian kit that's currently only available in digital format is, by the way, a brilliant kit!  I love it, it's a shame it's digital-only.


    Vasquez, Ripley, and Sarah Connor are absolutely the sci-fi "strong female characters" modern filmmakers keep promising as if nobody has ever thought of them before, but never seem to have the talent, skill, and sanity to deliver.  And of course, before them you have ('60s, '70s, and '80s pinup-friendly fantasy costumes aside) Princess Leia, Caroline Munroe's character in Starcrash, Leela from '80s Doctor Who, Emma Peel from The Avengers, Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman, and many others, and decades before even them there were a whole host of more or less "forgotten" pulp-era action/adventure heroines like the classic comic era Wonder Woman, Robert E. Howard's Red Sonja, Edgar Rice Burroughs' Dejah Thoris, detective Torchy Blane, jungle girl Sheena, cowgirl Annie Oakley....  sure, those earlier characters provided a little more eye candy than is fashionable today, but they were doing their tough girl thing back in our great-grandparents' day, and should all work just as well today as they did back then, with the lightest of touches to update them for a modern sensibility after Ellen Ripley, Vasquez, and Sarah Connor set a new standard back in the '80s....

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