"Bulldogs in the Desert"

  • "Bulldogs in the Desert"
    WIP On a new mini diorama, featuring Wargames Atlantic kitbashed infantry
    " Bulldogs in the Desert" GW Tank...sorry (no tanks produced by WA at the moment...please please produce some soon:)
    Things to do:
    - Base to be removed from rifleman.
    - 2 more figures to be added... the key to the story
    - Extra work on palm trees and groundwork.
    - Helmet to be painted on top of tank stowage
    - Flag to be added (either standing on a flag pole or draped over tank Stowage)??
    WIP On a new diorama, featuring Wargames Atlantic kitbashed infantry " Bulldogs in the Desert" GW Tank (no tanks produced by WA at the moment) Base to be removed from rifleman. 2 more figures to be added...key to the story plus extra work on palm trees and groundwork. Not sure front or back position of the tank??......watch this space!! Heroic 28mm scale.- Not sure front or back position for the tank??. What do you think?
    .....watch this space!!

    Heroic 28mm scale.



  • I like the idea of the flag waving in the breeze from the back of the turret. So far, that looks pretty lit.


  • That looks pretty amazing.  Painting and modeling is superb.

    Perhaps created recessed circles on the diorama base for the miniatures bases to fit in as opposed to removing the bases from the minis?

    Perhaps when you decide final position of the tank create track marks on the diorama base to convey the weight of the vehicle.

    I like the flag draped across the top of the turret or storage acting as an air identification measure.

  • @Battle Specter . Thanks for the idea:)

  • @JTam Thanks for the great feedback and some brill ideas:)

  • @Barry Evans 

    Thank You. 

    Welcome to the forum!

    You've been posting super quality stuff.

  • @JTam Many thanks for the flag link. I will have to get some more colour toner for the printer.LOL.
    It looks like an excellent Forum...very friendly. Looking forward to contributing to the great models and painting of the member's work in here.

  • @JTam ....just noticed the link to eBay...many thanks, will investigate:)


  • @JTam Unfortunately supplier Does not ship to the United Kingdom.....mmm wonder why?? never mind!


  • Brilliant work! 

    Both draped across the vehicle and on either the antenna or a separate flagpole both work in my opinion. 

  • Many thanks, Grumpy....great call on the flags:)

    I will look into it

  • @Barry Evans did you want some to try? Sending a padded mailer won't be too bad. I could do that for you. 

  • @Barry Evans ah, they're printed in England. I thought they were printed in the US. Which means... I may be paying for some extra shipping... would like some Murican flags. 

  • @Battle Specter @Battle Specter  Thanks food for thought...many thanks for the reply:)

  • @Barry Evans 
    I'm totally confused, Supplier based in the UK does not ship to the UK?? see ebay info below

    Item location:
    Newton aycliffe, United Kingdom
    Ships to: 
    Americas, Asia, Europe
    Afghanistan, Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Libya, Nauru, Russian Federation, Somalia, Spain, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Yemen

  • @Barry Evans 

    That is odd.  You could send him a message via eBay for clarification.  The seller has a very respectable eBay rating. 

    His shipping price to the States is pretty reasonable....

  • Could be a VAT thing.

    In any case, shouldn't be too hard a job to cut stencils or use masking tape and paint the design onto cloth. Or draw the lines, soak it in thinned out PVA and drape it on the tank how you want, using cling wrap to protect the actual tank and make it easy to remove. When it's dried, take it off the tank and paint it up. 

  • Beautiful diorama, adding the new STL printed figures of the arab rebellion could be a way to add an alternative sort of steampunk WWI's flavor.

  • @Barry Evans Could always go two flags "Jolly Roger " on  radio ariel, and "Union Jack on the rear decking, partly over the storage,  or over the  jerry cans, ammo,etc. Fantastic work well painted and based.

  • @Alessio De Carolis ...Thanks very much for the feedback. That's an idea I'm also looking into at the moment or use (Arab) figures for another diorama that I have been thinking of!!

  • @Geoff Maybury  Many thanks, Geoff... hopefully some inspiration for everyone.

  • @Barry Evans You`re wellcome saw the other two figures on facebook "Nice".

  • @Barry Evans I absolutely like even more these Pit-helmeted blokes the more I see them. And the basing and structure of your diorama are just superb!

    Have you thought of submitting them (mayhaps minus tank) to the Sci-Fi spring painting contest? I am pretty sure you would likely win, and WA has promised a nice featurette to showcase the winners. Nevermind a possible tutorial on your thought process, should you win and feel like it! :-)

    Since posted entries can always be edited, you can always submit something simple you have on your picture folder, or even as-is, and then think about diorama composition or some other fancy photography bells-and-whistles later, if you feel it warrants it - a neat trick I (and others) used last time!  ;-)

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