Plastic Antitank Gun

  • The Wargames Atlantic Friday Email Sneak Peak is:

    Appears to be a German light antitank gun.

    Probably a 3.7 Pak 36.

    (Compare gun shields).

    PLASTIC 28mm German heavy weapons would be amazing.  

    Maybe the kit will be a stand alone light Pak with crew.

    Or maybe something like this:

    Or perhaps something like this:

    Regardless I hope they schnell this kit along. 


  • Another curious choice that doesn't really fit with their current range?

    A PaK 40 for the Lehr, a 20 mm or 37mm AA gun for their Sentries?

  • @JTam  Years ago I restored a PAK 36 with another serving soldier at Fort Polk, Louisiana after he got me into WW2 re-enacting. I seem to recall it officially belonged to Fort Polk but he got permission for us to restore it for historical re-enactments. I recall us attending an event in Texas where our unit had a working Hetzer that had been secured from Swiss service. If my memory serves. Although I do not recall who actually owned the Hetzer. I do not think it was owned by Fort Polk. Again, if my my memory serves.

  • Although it would be a welcome kit for WW2 gamers, it seems unrelated to the other releases so far. I would have thought either Death Fields artillery as a better choice for their efforts. Unless they add some DF bling to make it serve World Ablaze and DF at the same time.

  • The Pak36, also if obsolete in 1940, served 'til the end of the war, expecially in rear echelon's troops, as primary weapon of captured vehicles, such as chenillettes or bren carriers, also for support weapon in SdKfz251s (platoon command vehicle). Plus, in an episode of Band of Brothers, a Pak36 is seen in action against US paras, with an hollow charge grenade (battle of Carentan).

  • @Sean Tighe @Paul Mitting 

    If there's a pattern to Wargames Atlantic's releases it's that there is no pattern.

    @Sean Tighe 

    Your suggestions would have tied in with existing sets better.


    Wargames Atlantic does have a bit of an early war theme going with the French Infantry and Italians.  I hope they continue this trend with Polish and Blitzkrieg Germans.  (WGA did mention an intent to do early war Germans to match the French a few months back).  This light Pak could be the start of more early war releases.  

  • @Grumpy Gnome 

    That must have been a cool project.  

    It must have taken a General Officer signature to authorize the work/use for civilian events.  Good on him.

  • A plastic 7.62cm Infanterie Geschutze for the WW1 range to compliment the German Infantry would be neat.


  • @Sean Tighe I think its fair to say Wargames Atlantic 'made their bones' doing the unexpected, so to speak. Nothing should come as too surprising an addition to their ranges, and this strikes me as very natural of a choice. They have a WW2 range, and this seems to be something neglected in plastic. Seems like a classic choice on their part.

  • Rubicon do already produce it in 28mm plastic - but it does line up with the Italians, and with possible future Chinese and Early WW2 Germany. Also, after it had been superseded as a frontline antitank weapon, it was still in use with Fallschrimjaeger units.

    My guess is that they probably have an eye towards Early War in general, since we know EW British are in the works. EW Germans would want this kit.

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