Wargames Illustrated Interview with Hudson Adams on Wargames Atlantic Digital

  • The most recent issue of Wargames Illustrated (Issue 422 February 2023):

    Features an interview with @Hudson Adams on Wargames Illustrated Digital:



  • The whole issue is heavy on Wargames Atlantic content:


  • A brilliant article. Now that is the kind of informative transparency I was talking about. It helps people better understand the process and motivations of WGA. Great stuff. 👍

  • @Grumpy Gnome if you read any of our blog posts over the last couple months we said all the same things already directly!!!!! 

  • @Grumpy Gnome Half the answers in that article were just copy/pasted/tweened from our state of Atlantic post a month ago:



  • @Hudson Adams Still good for people to read it in such a concise manner. There is plenty of evidence of people concerned about the STLs. Yes the blog posts have helped, as have forum posts. But they have tended to be fragmented. The WI article nicely summarizes and explains things.

  • @Grumpy Gnome that answer tells me you never read the actual official statement from the company as it has a LOT more info in one place than the little interview. 

    Also I saw your posts on Dakka. You do realize we credit both the sculptor and artist and sometimes even the researchers of each set on every product page AND on every box? Their names are printed on the box and have been since Tim Barry and Bob Naismith did our very first ones 4 years ago!

    As Foghorn Leghorn says: "Boy, I say, boy. If you're gonna pay anything Payyyy attention!"

    SMDH. 🙄

  • @Hudson Adams I suppose some one could have politely pointed that out when I started asking questions and that would have been resolved much quicker. It seems to me some folks have read malicious intent in my questions when none was intended.

    Until my recent questions and someone mentioning Defiance games I did not realize Bob Naismith was an artist for Defiance games. 

    I apologize for not making the connection sooner and avoiding all this. All I wanted was clarity on the design evolution of various products and why there are similarities. At least now I have a partial answer.

    As you can see on the Dakka Dakka thread the issue there was addressed by a mod and I apologized and terminated my questioning. 

    I apologize now here to you and your staff. As I said on Dakka Dakka, lesson learned.

  • @JTam @Hudson Adams

    Thank you for the post and scan!

    I know it might be weird, but the extra effort you invested in the Wargames Illustrated interview really paid off. The part of your own experiences in workflow, design and using a 3D printer was golden - it helps me to "get it" in a way your previous posts didn´t, even if the facts are the same.

    I think that the last months have been quite taxing on the team at the design, clearing production backlog and getting new stuff on the road, and the detailed community consultation for new kits (as in the "bulldog" set) had to take a bit of a backseat.

    So now having this degree of concise, lovingly wrought prose put together in the magazine helps a lot. Kind of weird, but it is a case of that extra 50% content and presentation making for an exponentially better experience. It is those little, ellaborate peeks into your collective mind that made me fall in love with this company, so experiencing more of these again is quite cool.

  • Hello, Fellows all around the World.

    I know very well that we, Frenchmen, have a reputation for always grumbling, grinning and bitching (toujours grogner, rouspéter et râler). How to say things correctly, without offending ?

    The digital shift made three month ago leaves me unmoved. The creators have good time, for sure... and hard work too. They have shown some very, very interesting things : Maoris, Native Americans and Sci-Fi ACW troopers. 

    On the other hand, I also note some not so good stuff for my taste : the gladiators remain absurdly Hollywoodian (large two-hand axes, inaccurate shields), the Yugoslav partisans are absurd with their silly masks, and the Valkyries look like big hens rather than winged-killers (like hawks or falcons... Lack of finesse and feminity).

    As for the plastic productions, I have the impression, today, that they are planned for the Greek Calendes...

    The article is very interesting, but the report is for me very mixed, from where my "silence-radio" lately. No big deal... I'm just a humble potential consumer, French - and Basque - at that. Doubly grumpy man ?

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