What would you guys even do to fix this sad excuse for a Space Marine?

  • So anybody who has been following Warhammer 40k probably knows about the near universally mocked Primaris Desolators and their.... "rocket launchers".


    I mean look at this:

    I'm pretty sure anybody with any sort of knowledge in weapons design is probably going through a heart attack right now. You have my official condolences and I pray for your swift recovery.

    I mean not only does the thing look imbalanced as heck, but you've got the belt feed for the grenades and no way to show how the rockets are reloaded. I'm not really looking into buying these unless I really am that desparate for ranged heavy support, which I was thinking of getting heavy intercessors to fill such a roll anyway.

    So how would you guys fix these thing? I can give links to the sprues so you can see what is on the sprue if you guys are interested.

    • Abandon the entire genre! - I'm sure each bit of that overloaded freak has a whole chapter in some rule addendum which makes the thing invincible (until GW bring out the next monstrosity). Equally sure it'll become superceded before it's been fully painted.
    • If you want a tank, get a tank, even a flying one!
    • Cut down the number of heavy weapons it carries. It seems like it is overloaded by a factor of 3. Choose one of the heavy weapons & spread the rest over a number of 'normal' Marines (if such things exist anymore). How would you use this in reality? One shot and your entire heavy support is nixed. How do you keep it supplied? Heavy ranged support is best put on vehicles which can evade counterfire.
    • The eye watering cost (£/$) of buying that thing and its freinds may well get you an entire Cannon Fodder/Bulldog/Grongnard WA army. That piece of ******* won't have enough ammo to take 'em out.  The 3 heavy repeating mortars out of the Grongnard Command box might do the trick.

    I really gave up on this garbage way back in the early '90s, nothing seems to have changed. GW prey on selling this stuff to their devotees. Work out how to take this thing out with your existing troops rather than get caught up in their manufactured arms race.

    Sorry for not being much help.

  • This seems mean-spirited. I don't get to play as much as I would like, but I'm rather fond of my 40k army, GW does some of the best models around, not everything can be a hit, and not everything is for everyone.

  • Mate, probably the wrong forum channel. This is for Death Fields - I think this belongs in general discussion or modelling and painting.

  • @Charles Tottington 

    Yes, whoever approved these at GW should feel bad.  

    I imagine some STLs or aftermarket parts will come out to make the weapons shoulder mounted:

    Or underslung:

    Either of which would look much, much better.

  • TBH the size of the weapons doesn't bother me. Superstrong guy in power armour and all.

  • @Charles Tottington these guys are top tier nonsense child fantasy. It woul'd be best of nobody buys this crap and GW gets some new designers asap.

    I'm no GW hater and a sucker for the 40k universe but this outrageous. Imagine the Pitch meeting and the Designer goes:" lets Stick a Rocket launcher on the belt Fed....  No Put two in it!"

  • i think i'd do a few things, assuming i don;t have access to 3rd party parts.

    first, i'd get rid of the bolt-on missile pods from the gun, and move them up to that shoulder turret that currently has a sensor array. or just vertically onto the back as a VLS set up.

    i'd also chop the wasp waist bit from the gun's rocket pod, so it looks like it can actually benefit from that ammo feed.

    honestly though, i'm not a fan fo the design in general, it is clear that GW didn't think the design through. (which honestly sums up a lot of the Primaris stuff in general.)


    i would further point out that this thread is probably better suited to the painting and modelling sub-forum, and not the deathfields one?

  • Primarines -sounds better than Primaris- are the new fad of diehard GW workshippers -ie those guys earger to play quite a competitive army list- till the next iteration of the Adeptus Astartes' very concept. Etsy is filled with similar weaponry options from Marta-PunkGirl

    Or Really Heavy Minigun from Dynamic Prints Studio

    But some are still providing casual HW stuff

    That new Kill Team is really an over-the-edge squad -like the new Adeptus Arbites- with Über-top notch weaponry. I do like the minigun and I think the rocket launchers are single-use weapons. But pricetag and the usual GW policy about W40K are both a big no-no to my mind and my wallet. 

    Since HH is -finally- available, I am able to field my old late 2nd/early 4th ed SM army -and most of its vehicles, excepted my Sabre- and being quite proud of. 

    @Charles Tottington

    So how to fix them?

    • Do not buy them -excepted for the Dread... 
    • Do not add the missile launchers and look for 3rd party stuff in order to obtain some kind of combiweapon/artifact weapon like a plasmagun/minigun ... 
    • Do look for casual Marines' HWs from your bitzbox or 3rd party like JTam said.. I still do have NIB 2nd/3rd ed Devastators but I am not sure modernday Primarines will do look good with ancient HW sets, it is even beyond Greenstuff. 

    @Mark Dewis 

    I see those as ... some kind of a twisted tribute to Rogue Trader-era Coppelstone/Morrison's marines, you know those posing with HWs like Brother Angst with his heavy melta. But back then and even if they were supermen, they were not posers...


    Etsy is your best friend... ;)

  • @Mithril2098 Yeah I've realized that this post would be better done in moddeling. My bad.

  • @Steven StGeorges yeah, i know etsy exist. i was just taking it as a challenege to think of a fix for people who aren't looking to spend extra $$ ontop of an already excessively expensive kit.

    this video has part of what i'd end up doing.

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