"A War Transformed" Forth coming Game.

  • Soon a new game will arrive from Ossprey Games that will greatly play to the strenghts of Wargame Atlantic and plastic figures.

    Called "A War Transformed" a First World War extravagandar of delight. Described as The Great War couples with horror and forgotten folklore. In 1916 as the great war continues the moon falls from it`s orbit. On earth the seas shift the area of land known as "Doggers Bank" is reborn. Long thought as a potent Magical point of origin the "Moons descent bring back a terrifying resergance of this Magic. Long forgotten gods return and spirits roam the new lands. The lush quickly growing folage sees the land turning to how it was very fertile and wild.

    1918 and the War and World is "Transformed"Nations now battle with new skills song, spells and sacrifice are the new norm. Doggerland is the bridge between England and Europe, and it`s the crucial battle ground for a new conflict in an "Alien Land scape" squads of troops move trough a landscape of sunken wrecks now covered in vine on a jungle surface. Ruins of acient buildings are also hidden by the plants  life as so quickly returned to the Dogger.

    A War Transformed is a skirmish game for World War One  changed so far from human comprehension. The players  command small forces of Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery and even more stranger troops on a Doggerland Front. It is described as agame off.

    "Rifle and Relic, Bayonet and Belief, of Machine Gun and Magic". 

    This amazing new game will give all builders a chance to build a diversity of models, in the time period of the great war , WA`s Fantasy ranges will make grand conversion posibilities. The scenery will be grand giving multiple oppertunities to give unique modelling experiances. 

  • This is the area of the Dogger Land

  • Here is afigure conversion all ready being made for the game.

  • Asecond map of influance

  • How Dogger is now.

  • The fantastic WW1 figures of WA, allow a lot of conversion possibillities for this game, and with the forth comming British Infantry that set will give a new perspection to War Gaming. The game I think will be a "Two shot" at WW1 play for real and play for horror.

    One we are thinking about to add for our Wierd War Collection.

     Love to you all from Geoff and Eileen. 

  • Do we know what size skirmish it's intended for? That can vary from a handful of figures a side to a several dozen.

    I agree this looks very good, and a total windfall for WGA!

  • Dang, this is right up my alley!  Mike Mignola's Baltimore is one of my favorite comics, and I've been itching for a game set in "Weird War I" with trench-fighters vs. monsters, ghosts, and stuff!  Thanks for the heads-up!!

  • @Mark Dewis Described as muti size squad, platoon, Foot, Cavalry, Vehicles and Monsters. Out August really hits those tast bud eh Mark .I get another game for my Honerable Leads Animals, and fantastic scenerios and scenery.

  • @Benjamin Hayward You are most welcome my friend. Got an idea this ones gonna hit the spot bang on.

  • A really good book with some of the flavor of this is:

    WW1ish time frame. A wall keeping the wild magics and other things out.  Soldiers wear bits of armor and silver items for when the winds of magic blow and the machineguns fail.  


  • It seems that the pre-WWII period ('til the mid '30s) is the last one when umanity is at the stakes of supernatural, after, with our technological development, the chances have been reversed, as showed at the end of the "russian" episode of Love, Death & Robots. lovecraftian's creatures could be frightful for a WWI era army, but with more firepower most of them would've been butchered, except for some Ancient Ones (ok, Lovecraft didn't knew about A bombs).

  • One of my problems with the Osprey games is that there's never enough fluff.  

    Both Broken Legions and Silver Bayonet are great settings/ideas.  But the setting is not fleshed out at all.  Zero fluff per say.  

    I wonder if this one will be the same?

  • @JTam Have to wait till we get an inside look, but I couldn`t agree with you more.  A few more pages of "Fluff" woud be the icing on the cake for many productions, but particullary our broken Legions. 

  • Scouts Out makes some great STLs that fit the weird war WW1 vibe pretty well:

  • @JTam those top guys are pure Bollywood

  • I'm certainly interested in these rules - they have a lot of potential!

    Trenchpunk units with a Medieval and/or Ancient feel? Yes please!

    Druids and creatures from Celtic Paganism fighting alongside WW1 British, against Norse priests and myth units sided with the Germans? By the Gods I'm up for that!

    Perhaps even some trademark 'Weird War' walkers like those in Konflikt '47!

    Not content with collecting Ancient Britons for SPQR and Welsh for Dark Ages gaming and potentially Never Mind the Billhooks, I really look forward to the possibility of Celtifying a box of WA's upcoming plastic WW1 British Infantry!

    And I agree with @Geoff Maybury that it would be the icing on the cake if the game featured squad-level 'small battle' rules for both standard WWI and the 'Weird War' version, so that players can buy the one book to play both. 


  • This chap has created some excellent ideas for Weird War 1, and it'd be great if some of this was incorporated into 'A War Transformed':


  • @JTam These figures are really incredible, Anvil industry makes some in its regiments range, naturally its possible converting all the WGA plastic sets, when the WWI british will arrive it will be possible converting all the major powers' soldiers for such a scenario.

  • @Mark Dewis 


  • Right vibe:

  • @JTam Too true.

  • @JTam biology class was hardcore in 1916

  • 'The Damned' set from WGA Digital will likely go a long way with this theme as well - just needs a few more helmet styles imo - a pickelhaube with gas mask would be especially useful!  

  • Some "Scouts Out" STLs printed out:

  • @JTam Very usable wonder how they scale with WA`s Germans and French. Looked at Lunar really like the idea and look. Thorn in the flesh. no British importer, base games sells for £68, postage £70, I nearly S**t myself god what a bummer. Postage as gone "MAD" so many things won`t make this side of the pond now adays. Cheers Geoff.

  • @Geoff Maybury 

    Postage to / from the UK has always been absurdly high.  And it's only getting worse.  A real shame.  

    The Lunar game is pretty imagination capturing.