An Opportunity and a Suggestion for Wargames Atlantic.

Would you like some printed WW1 figures for "A War Transformed

  • In the month of August Ossprey Games is bringing out a new game, called "A War Transformed", (See my post in general) This game is a Wierd War One game set on Doggerland returned to the chanal. It will feature many of the things that we have been taling about and suggesting for builds on the forum.

    It features Magic, and monsters from the lore of that region, Here is a fantastic gift for Wargames Atlantic, a chance to do some requsted figures from the people of this forum with say a title such as.

    Wierd War One.

    Magic, Myth, Monsters. All from the regions lore. 


    Zombies. Particullary Naval through to Vikings  

     Hell even Arthur coud be zombies.

     Don`t think you`ll have such a chance again. 

    Come on every one what WW1 would you like to see printed for this game.

  • WW1 Combatant Zombies would be awesome for this game as well as many others.  That would be my first pick.


  • I would like to see figures along this line, especially if they were useable in the more inter-war Pulp style games I enjoy.

  • More than just Zombies, A War Transformed has a huge amount of model potential for Pagan priests and creatures from Celtic, Teutonic and Old English folk mythology, even Wicca, as these old religions emerge once more in the Doggerland Front.

    Of course we'll have to wait and see what creature ideas are included in the book and whether there is an open points architecture (which will make it really easy to create profiles for new units, and better yet allow them to technically be 'official') before WA can make any models for them, but there's definitely a lot of possibilities that could come out of this game, if Osprey and WA are willing to embrace them.

    In fact I'd like to see some plastic boxed sets for some of the more interesting creature ideas, perhaps as part of the Classic Fantasy range to give it a much needed dose of uniqueness and creativity.

  • There are a lot of opportunities for such a story, imagine merging all these supposed "superstitions" & myths in one terrible, huge problem for every nation involved. Add also a bit of Lovecraftian's  horrors surfacing, and we have the perfect definition of the ancient chinese curse : "I hope that you'll live in INTERESTING times"!

  • Exactly one and all and the best thing is  not all items are coppy right so Zombies, Lore, and Celtic Myth can be used as wish. We could get in our WW1 requests and play duel real and Wierd.

  • @Caratacus With windows of the past mentioned might be nice to see plastic of some of these from ancient Dogger

  • @Caratacus or these gems.

  • Dogger had some fine beasts wandering in the past.

  • I thought I'd add my 2 pence worth by suggesting WW1 Red Cross dogs of all troop categories. British, French, German and American and here are some pictures for the forum's pleasure.

  • These amazing animals were used on all fronts by all nations, trained to find any wounded solldier and bark if safe to show the location. If their own handler became wounded the dogs would very often drag their handler back to the line. Surely such amazing dogs deserve a printing place with their handler.

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