World War One Red Cross Dogs Poll.

How would you feel about printed all nations Red Cross Dogs

  • With the forth comming "A War Transformed " in August. I thought I`d get out my box of German figures by WA and start building and converting giving me a chance to "Jump the Gun" so as to speak . I`ve been very lazy with this rather great figure box, to tell the truth they`ve been on aback boiler so to speak, Which concidering the darn amazing quality of this 30 box figure set, is a crying shame. Had`nt even opened them, so I missed the brilliant attention to detail and the shear scope of diversity of builds Still now thats about to change over the next few months I want to concentrate some of my time to WA 1914 /1918 range starting with the German and some conversions, then the French, to be up to date with the British when they arrive. In the Suggestions for Print Post i`ve put several pictures of Red cross dogs, and would love some of these to be concidered for print. How do you guys out there feel Put your ideas in this post.

  • @Geoff Maybury 

    I think this would be a great STL(s).

    It would nicely compliment WGA's existing WW1 kits.

    I would like to see WW1 trench dogs is gas masks too.

    I suggested an entire "Best Boys" theme for one of WGA's digital monthly releases here:


  • @JTam Brilliant lets hope they bite.

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