Free Mini for international Women's Day

  • International Women's Day 2023 Model

    For International Women's Day

    getting a Ukranian Freedom Fighter WGA released a free  monopose Ukranian Freedom fighter. Tribe members are getting a full multipiece set later this month. 

  • That is a great looking set of modern minis! 

  • First of all - Awesome kit. 

    Females is a great theme and one that I hope WGA revisits again and again.

    A few thoughts:

    The seated antitank weapon body is great.  Would love to see WGA do more prone, kneeling, sitting bodies, etc.

    It would be nice if the giant trizubitz morale patch dead center of the chest was removable.  Would add a lot more flexibility to the set. 

    The pant's pocket configuration does not match the common Ukrainian Army issued pants.  That being said there's plenty of variation and private purchase equipment floating around in theater.  

    They have AKMs as opposed to AK74s.  This is reasonable I suppose.... the Ukrainian Army is saddled with a smorgasbord of small arms and someone has to get stuck with the old AKMs.

  • @JTam in regards to the seated position;

    The last month or so the team has been upping their body sculpts.

  • @JTam anything's removable with a sharp knife. But I expect like most digital files you can do a bit of pre-printing adjustment. Moving a small slab onto the icon would do it. Or another logo.

  • @JTam @Red Bee Best Set they have done lets hope the go from "Tribes to general release" and then they get to "Onely Games" soon. These are worth sending for even when I`m still waiting on the "Robots". I like the idea of getting them made and painted, as a small show of support to Ukraine. Brilliant figures make them for all we have been asking for modern for ages. Heres to a totally perfect launch they deserve it.

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