Spring Painting Contest 2023 - Sci-Fi submissions

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    This thread is for submissions to the following categories:

    Sci-fi single miniature

    Sci-Fi Group/diorama

    Rules and links to other entries thread can be found in the following linked thread:



    Forum username - So we can tie your entry to your account and reward the winner appropriately. You will receive a PM from forum staff with instructions for redeeming your prize if you are able to place in one of the categories. Please remember to check your personal messages and claim your prizes.

    Title of entry - Name your work, even something simple such as "Grognards infantryman."

    Description of entry - Parts used if a conversion, or if you've come up with any background. Whatever other details you think we should know.

  • Forum username - Zombie.Orangutan

    Title of entry - Lizardman Bounty Hunter

    Description of entry - Conversion using parts from the classic fantasy lizardmen kit to make a scifi lizardman bounty hunter type complete with high tech rifle and a scanner implant in their head for tracking down their prey. 

  • Forum Username - Kacper Łakomski

    Title of entry - Raumjager squad

    Description - Squad of 5 Raumjager minatures. Made primarily from parts inside the box. Skulls are from citadel skull set. The blue fabric part under one of the skulls is from Victrix Norman Infantry sprue. The flat panels on one base are bits of plasticard painted to resemble a piece of scrap metal and green armor panel. The decal has been sourced from Imperial Guard transfer sheet. The moustache on the Sergeant has been sculpted on using green stuff. Tried to paint some sort of a camo like pattern on the jackets.


  • Forum username: Andrew Gill

    Title of entry: Scramble!

    Description: A small backwater spaceport is coming under attack by a huge fleet of space pirates. One unfortunate mercenary who was contracted to guard the port is racing to his ship to offer what futile resistance he can, and maybe buy time for one or two civilian ships to escape...

    This vignette is inspired by the Stargrave scenario "the starport raid". The pilot is a cannon-fodder figure with the breathing apparatus and one arm from the WA "extra parts sprue" and the head from the Sargrave crew plastic figures box (the only non-WA part on the figure). The ship is assembled out of sundry rubbish - instant coffee bottle lids, old pens, beads, plastic sprue, an LED household lightbulb and kit bits from the spare parts box. The leaking fuel barrels are 3d printed.
    I love the cannon-fodder figures - they are so versatile! Very, very useful for unarmoured crew members or "extras" in sci-fi skirmish games like Stargrave.


  • Forum Username : Korentin BERNARD

    Title of the entry : Thanomor's Sapper

    Description : 

    The agri-world of thanomor was a rich one and the ability to work the land was a quality appreciated by the lords of the imperial army. That's how the regiments of the Thanomorian Sappers came to exist.

    They entered warzones with transport carrier equiped with dozer blades to clear the path for their allies through the rubbles and the mines. They were also equipped with their own patter of lasgun : the Cloistak patter, lighter and shorter than a regular lasgun which allowed easier time during engeenering operations.

    The miniature is a Grognard from the Grognard infantery box with the musket cliped to look like a shotgun. I took pictures with two differents lighting settup, because I'm trash at taking pictures :')

    EDIT : I corrected some writing mistakes, I'm not a native English speaker

  • Forum Username: James Lisle

    Title: Einherjar Squad

    Description: This squad of Einherjar is made up of five berserkers, five riflemen, a lieutenant, and a single ROBODWARF. With the exception of some Games Workshop parts (head, arms, and sword) used to make ROBODWARF (kitbashed on a whim during a hobby painting night with some friends), all parts are from the Einherjar kit. The berserkers launch themselves into a melee while the riflemen provide covering fire. The lieutenant and ROBODWARF provide heavy support with a grenade launcher and plasma weapon. Each squad leader carries a communications package so the Einherjar can work effectively together

  • Forum Username: Andreas Mayrhofer

    Title of Entry: Federal Marines

    Description: As more colonies joined the protests for more representation and violence started to spread across the fringe, Federal Marines are sent to said colonies as a Show of force.

    These guys are mostly Ironcore Stormtroopers with Pig Iron productions heads.

  • Sci Fi Lizardmen. Pistol is from the WW1 French box. User name John Sullivan




  • Username: Padomay

    Theta-11 Strike Team

    Theta-11 Strike Team

    The beginning of my counts-as Kasrkin killteam (for Games Workshop's KillTeam'21) based on the lovely Iron Core models. Features mostly original IC parts as well as a printed backpack on the gunner and a green stuff cape and boltgun scope on the sniper. The colored stripes on the shoulder and right leg denote specialist roles, with yellow being Gunner variants and green being Support. White stripe on the machinegunner's shoulder marks him as a veteran - not really any gameplay effect, it's there purely for flavor.
    Painting-wise, no metallics or washes, just good ol' paint straight onto the model, with glazes and such, with trace amounts of freehanding and material imitation.

    Single miniature - Theta-11 Veteran Machinegunner

    Theta-11 Marksman

    Theta-11 Communications Specialist

    Theta-11 Marksman 2

  • Forum username - Tobias Voss

    Title of entry - Space Rebellionettes

    Description of entry - A 5-strong unit for Xenos Rampant. Start of a detachment of at least 20. No further conversions, just printed the recently released digital files. They will fight a never ending trench war on a backwater planet. And might as well fight their union brothers in a Konflikt47 setting with Xenos Rampant rules.

  • Forum username - Barney Weston 


    Title of entry - Gorgon Shipping and Salvage Reclamation Team


    Description of entry - GSS claims to be a legitimate corporation but in real terms is embroiled in piracy, trafficking, smuggling and illegal research. 


    Soldiers in their corporate military are the dregs of society, chosen for their obedience and lack of scruples. Reclamation teams hunt down items and persons of immense value, they don't leave witnesses.

  • Forum username - Fabio Del Frate.

    Title of entry - "Honoring the Elders"

    Description of entry - Mississipian native body from January tribe month with Alien head from November.

    Ba'ro was happy, just a couple strokes more and his first Kipl'ath would have been complete. Father would be proud!





  • Forum username - Jonathan Lechasseur

    Title of entry - Custodian BrOgres

    Description of entry - As soon as you announced the Landskecht ogres, my brain started working on a custom idea. I recently started playing Grimdark Future Firefight as an alternative to Kill team and wanted to make Custodian proxies and that when it hit me. The ogres!!! This is three Custodian Brogres and one Jetpack Brogre.

    I kitbashed the halberds and the back packs from what was in the box and some Einerjars bits. I really tried not using my bits box because it's Other Games April but, Y'all don't make wings yet :P. I gave them a super accurate, totally plausible wrist mounted grenade launcher from the dwarves kit because I was inspired by the Allarus. They were too fancy not to have capes so I printed them some too.

    I imagine them as the personal guard of the God EmperOgre, you can even see the beautiful pink marble floor of the palace.

  • Forum username: Andy Smith.

    Title: "Hired muscle"

    Description: An alien mercenary about to ruin someones day. Why venture into the Cities slums yourself when you can keep your hands clean and pay someone else to do your dirty work for you? 

    The head was made by digitally kitbashing two of the other Alien heads together in Blender. 

    Kits used: SpaceNam, Digital Alien heads and Skeletons.








  • Forum username - Kacper Marchlewicz

    Title of entry - Elban 541th Fusilier Regiment

    Description of entry - Once a small colony, Elba is currently one of the biggest recruicement planets in human space. These fierce soldiers are known for their effectiveness

  • Forum username - Richard Smeeton

    Title of entry - Death Field Valkyrie


  • Forum username: Gregory Townsend

    Title of Entry: Praetorian 69th Tea Man.

    Description of Entry: The Praetorian regiments often utilise tea urns in place of banners as a rallying symbol for the troops, for what could be better than a brew in the middle of battle.

  • Forum name: Spencer Horn

    Title of work: Spacenam!

    Description of entry: This contest was a great excuse to paint up some of my spacenam figures. It's also my first miniature painting contest!

    I'm using these figures as part of a Venator bounty hunter squad in Necromunda. The backstory is that after years fighting in the Astra Militarum on jungle worlds, they have abandoned their post and fled to the dark recesses of the underhive. Now they make their living as bounty hunters, making use of the skills they learned fighting in the Imperium's wars.







  • Forum username - Drew Graham

    Title of entry - Recon Pilot Down

    Description of entry - This diorama was made with a figure from the Cannon Fodder set, an axe frrom The WWII Italian Infantry set, the spiders from the Classic Fantasy Giant Spiders set and a toy spaceship from the Buzz Lightyear film.

    I held the brush with my mouth to paint all of the terrain and figures as I have a cervical spinal cord injury which means my hands don't work.

    Video showing how I paint - https://youtu.be/MoHxXQIHlck


    Captain Argon Lazarus aboard scoutship Scorpio XII on reconnaissance F6 in epsilon quadrant.
    Catastrophic thruster failure.
    I'm gonna have to ditch in the desert of this barren planet in the Fluvian system, Planet designation 5-P1D3R
    Track my location and scramble a QRF.
    Have crash-landed. Safe with minor injuries. Canopy jammed. Need to smash my way out.
    Atmosphere is breathable and gravity 0.8 normal.
    Abundance of life signs. No landmarks or cities visible - indicating no intelligent life on this whole rock.
    What's that?..........

    Overview - Crash Site

    Out of the Frying Pan into the FireMeeting the localsWatch your six!1 down, a few to go...Can I axe you something?They Just Keep Coming!

  • Forum username: Francesco Chiementin

    Totale of entry: Convict! Barrelman muscle.

    Description of entry: when you have nothing better to do for several years rather than to prepare for the next prison revolt.... And this is your best idea...

    Wargames Atlantic cannon fodder from the box with a resin barrel from greenstuffworld. Citadel contrast paints and some modelling liquid pigments from gsw. That's It.

  • Forum username: Brian Van De Walker

    Title: Eisenkern Küstenwache.

    Description: outfitted in bright short range armor to be easier to make him easier to spot during search and rescue operations rather than to blend into the surroundings, this coast guard grunt is carrying the Küstenwache standard   SMG with an under-barrel flare gun  to deal with hostile wildlife and survival situations as well as pirates, drug runners and human traffickers on the Commonwealth Eisenkern shared world of Ryujin V. 

    All parts from the WA Eisenkern kit except the warlord base and freshenerbeads, back story  inspired by the Ironcore setting (yes I just used google translate to find the German word for coast guard and that backstory is my Ironcore fanfic for a heavy on the yellows paint job😆). Type: single figure.



    Note: due to technical reason I am going to try to add some better photos  after initial posts.

    Edit: okay then

  • Forum username: Brian Van De Walker

    Title: Teatime with spider

    Type: Diorama.

    Description: “Now Websley, you know that faciem comedere flos is an endangered species leave it alone.” 

    The xeno-botanist Professor Humdrum is enjoying a spot of tea with Websley his Arachneian “pet?/assistant?” out in the swampy jungles of Nyami IV.  The Professor himself is a WA Bulldog’s figure with the added parts of Mantic Forgefather goggles on his helmet and a GW orc ammo pouch, Websley is a part WA spider, the Face eating flower and wildroots are from GW kits, the base is just a rendera base painted up.

    Note: due to technical reason I am going to try to add some better photos  after initial entry posts bit later.

    Edit: its later...

    Websely about to attack the face eating flower.

  • Username: Super chicken.

    Name: ooh rah soldier of the blazing suns team.

    Description of model: model completely from 

    Ooh rah, base made from Popsicle sticks, sand, and lichen.

    the blazing suns teams men are made up of those whose hatred for the aliens who abducted them, plus the madness that comes from dying and being reincarnated countless times, has turned them into a fanatic team who believe that alien species are either a blemish in the galaxy that must be exterminated, or mindless beasts.



  • Forum username - Tears of Envy

    Title of entry - Zone prospector

    Description of entry - Conversion using parts from The Damned and Arena Security digital ranges.


  • Forum username - mruk
    Title of entry - Imp Special forces operator
    Description of entry -

    (Mostly mix of goblin and einherjar parts.)

    Grimm is a special forces operator hailing from a race of space imp creatures who is a demolition expert. He wields a grenade launcher with deadly accuracy, and can easily take out enemy fortifications and vehicles. His armor is designed to allow him to move quickly and quietly, making him a skilled infiltrator as well as a demolitions expert. He is part of a team sent to desert planet with a special mission.

  • Forum username - Mitchell Campbell

    Title of entry - Monolith Champion

    Description of entry - This figure is an Einherjar from the death fields range. The colour scheme is based off of the Monolith faction camo and armour colours from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series.

    A squad has formed within the ranks of the Einherjar, they have dubbed themselves Crystal Squad of the Monolith. The other Einherjar will often have little to do with the Crystal Squad as they abandoned the old gods in favour of one they dub Monolith. They are however an asset as they are unflinching in combat against their numerous foes and their ability to feel no pain as they claim is a gift from the Monolith. However they seemed to have lost their humanity no longer able to share their victory with the emotions that go with it, all they have is a Monotoned speech and prayer to their God the Monolith. There is fear that this new religion will spread throughout the Ranks of the Einherjar especially with the Crystal Squad's new champion of Monolith, a warrior who has called themselves Eidolon. Equiped with a mysterious Bronze Axe and shield he calls Stormguard, this enigmatic warrior charges his enemies on the Death Fields, slaying them not for his contractors but his mysterious God Monolith.


  • forum username: jacob driver

    title: transendence 

    description: model from the valkyrie set

  • Forum Username: Speckled Jim

    Title: Patient Hunters

    Description: "Wait until the lead vehicle hits the mine, Ylan, then take out the one at the rear. Once they're trapped, Paisl will pick off any who try to escape while the rest of our brothers move in for the kill."

    Models from The Damned. A fun challenge, since rebel uniforms are usually anything but, making a nice opportunity to try a variety of mismatched camos.

  • Forum Username: Paint Smithy

    Title: Falraxian Captain

    Description: Captain Grobian has been fighting in the narrow streets of Falrax ever since the robot invasion started two months ago. His resolve is strong, but he wants a hot meal and a bath.

    Model made of conquistador body and arms, with greenstuff shoulder pads and pants. Helmet is the shield from the conquistador sprue. Gun is a Tau weapon from GW.

  • Submissions are now closed. Wargames Atlantic will be collating entries and data for the next few days. Thank you all for entering! keep on painting and please keep us posted! we love painted model photos!

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