Spring Painting Contest 2023: Fantasy Entries

  • Greetings friends,


    This thread is for submissions to the following categories:

    Fantasy single miniature

    Fantasy Group/diorama

    Rules and links to other entries thread can be found in the following linked thread:



    Forum username - So we can tie your entry to your account and reward the winner appropriately. You will receive a PM from forum staff with instructions for redeeming your prize if you are able to place in one of the categories. Please remember to check your personal messages and claim your prizes.

    Title of entry - Name your work, even something simple such as "Grognards infantryman."

    Description of entry - Parts used if a conversion, or if you've come up with any background. Whatever other details you think we should know.

  • @Lord Marcus 

    Forum username: Wesley Brems

    Title of entry: The Pale Lady's horde

    Description of entry: I painted several of the Goblins for use in Dragon Rampant and other skirmish games. The ruin (and the lady in the back) are models by Reaper Miniatures.

  • Forum Username: James Lisle

    Title: Lizardman

    Description: a lone lizardman armed with a stone spear bows in greeting. This model wasn't really painted *for* anything, rather it was just a way for me to try some exciting colours on a model I love

  • User name John Sullivsn. Fantasy regiment of Lizardmen armed with Muskets. 





  • Forum Username: Daniel Pieratt


    Title: Orc Bannerman at Arms


    Description: The Grand Alliance of Orcs prepares its long march forward. A single ensign stands atop a nearby hill to wave their banner, spuring on the vigor and fight to claim yet another victory.

    (Classic Fantasy Orcs, Atlantic Digital) 



  • Forum name: Francisco Martinez

    title: Halfling standard bearer

    discription: built using wargames Atlantic halfling kit and paper and freehand for the flag

  • Forum username: Andy Smith.

    Title: Revenant Lochagos

    Description: A Commander risen from the dirt of a long forgotten battlefield to command his Legion once more. 

    Kits used: Skeletons, Conquistadors and the Digital Hoplites

  • Forum Username: Daniel Pieratt

    Title: Garsgak, Disciple of the Deep One

    Description: The ends of the Elder Gods are nothing for mortals to understand; they are simply vessels for a destiny and a power they were made to serve the call of the deep...  

    (Chuthulu Cultists, Atlantic Digital)


  • @Lord Marcus 

    Forum username:  Owen Camber.

    Title: Ogre Firebelly

    Description: An Ogre fire mage serving in a mercenary troop.

    Kits used: Ogres with greenstuff used for fireball

  • Forum username: The Misclicker

    Title: Victorious Lizardman

    Description: A victorious Lizardman holds aloft the severed head of his slain adversary.

    Kits used: Lizardman kit plus head from Late Roman Legionaires and skull from the Citadel Skulls kit, with gore done with milliput, or superglue + PVA

  • Forum Username: Nostalgia

    Title: Memento Mori

    Description: A portrait of death in a field of nascent flowers. To bloom and to wither, the cycle is ever present.

    Inspired by the Memento Mori trope in classical painting, a reminder that death is both inevitable and always lurking by. 

    The skeleton is taken whole from the kit. The brush was carved from a spear, with some epoxy putty used to sculpt the bristles. The palette is made with a bit of thin card.

    Both easel and canvas are built out of plasticard, with a layer of thin drawing paper as the linen.

    The painting on the canvas was done by hand, using the same acrylics employed on the rest of the model. Definitely the most time consuming task in the whole process.


  • Forum Name : Richard Smeeton

    Title : Necromancer


  • Name: jack mahaffy

     Title: cavalry scout

    The torso, arms and head are all from the French box. The feet are a perry knight, and the horse is a fireforge, the rest is green stuff.








  • Username: Brian Van De Walker

    Title: Lizardman air pirate

    Discerption: another lizardman air pirate. I have one Perry’s Prussian short sword attached to his belt, everything else is WA Lizardmen kit parts including the pistol conversion except the base and freshener bead flocking.

    Type: Single figure.

    Note: due to technical reason I am going to try to add some better photos a little bit after initial posts.

    Edit: now fifty percent less blurry grand canyon cryptid pics

    ...and cause I forgot side shots.

  • Username: Brian Van De Walker

    Title: Heraldic Shield Summoned beast.

    Type: Diorama

    Discerption:  Ancient mystic shields with a heraldic monsters trapped inside are now being used by his majesty’s monster hunters.  Shield beast parts mostly came from the WA Goth kit except the nose horn which is from an older oop GW kit and because Silver Bayonet is  a hot topic (and I had no armored figure from WA) I used a British riflemen with Goth arms as the wielder, the base is a dungeon tile from a Frontline Games kickstarter pack I got off ebay.


    Note: due to technical reason I am going to try to add some better photos a little bit after initial posts.

    Edit: welp its a bit later and now I fixed the technical issue so here are the other shots.


  • Username: Brian Van De Walker

    Title: Bonus spider.

    Type: Single figure.

    Discerption: I painted 2 small spiders with original plan to use them botheach in the two diffrent dioramas I did for the contest but decided to set it aside an enter it on its own here since its from the classical fantasy line and who knows it may end up fighting some samurai or jungle adventurers at some point.

  • Username: Steve Evans

    Title:  Youzir's Giant Killers

    Type: Unit

    One of the units I am currently building for a Oathmark army, which will feature mostly (but not

    exclusivly ) Ogre's


  • User Name: Steve Evans

    Title: Tunk, The Oxbowman

    Type: Single figure

    Tunk is one of my Oxbowmen (made from oxon bones) The bow is from The Imperial Roman Scorpion set. (Warlord Games). It has been adjusted to fit a paired down cannon from the kit. The final photo shows him with the rest of his unit.


  • forum username: jacob driver 

    title: sacrifice 

    description: parts fom the fantasy cultists set 


  • forum username: jacob driver 

    title: assasin 

    description: from fantasy cultist set 

  • Forum username: Miljac

    Title: Historically accurate chicken... I mean centurion

    Description: Halfling centurion named Chiken, with his Gladius... the rooster. Historically accurate of course. Chicken, not Gladisu, he is made up. Everything but crest, Chicken's crest not roosters, is from the WGA halfling kit. Crest is from Victrix Ancient Gallic Cavalry.

  • Forum Username:  Jarrod Woomer

    Title:  Dark Cleric Kazick

    Description:  This miniature was painted as a gift. It will be going to a friend of mine who bravely decided to run a DnD campaign for 25 people. "Dark Cleric Kazick" is a visual representation of the Dungeon Master as he would appear in game.

  • Forum Username: Paint Smithy

    Entry Title: Rodrigo Santos

    Description: Conquistador set. Model for Mordheim. His golden mask hides the scars gained in Lustria.

  • @Jarrod Woomer what wargames atlantic parts went into your dark cleric model?


    Submissions are now closed. Wargames Atlantic will be collating entries and data for the next few days. Thank you all for entering! keep on painting and please keep us posted! we love painted model photos!

  • @Nostalgia - Wow, I didn't see the contest enries until now, and there was a lot of excellent work from everyone involved, but that skeleton painter really went above and beyond!  :)

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