Spring Painting Contest 2023: Historical Entries

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    This thread is for submissions to the following categories:

    Historical single miniature

    Historical Group/diorama

    Rules and links to other entries thread can be found in the following linked thread:



    Forum username - So we can tie your entry to your account and reward the winner appropriately. You will receive a PM from forum staff with instructions for redeeming your prize if you are able to place in one of the categories. Please remember to check your personal messages and claim your prizes.

    Title of entry - Name your work, even something simple such as "Grognards infantryman."

    Description of entry - Parts used if a conversion, or if you've come up with any background. Whatever other details you think we should know.

  • @Lord Marcus 

    Forum name: Wesley Brems

    Title: Learchos Kallergis, the exiled strategos. (My player character from D&D)

    Description:  The model is the 3D printed Late Roman Dux from the Decline and Fall range. I used a left over shield from Victrix Miniatures to tie him into my existing force and so I could use one of the transfers by Little Big Men Studios.

  • Forum Username: Paul Mackay

    Title of entry: Infantry from the Panzer Lehr

    Description: Built as standard from the box set.

  • Forum name: The Great Southern Ancient Miniature Man

    Title: Swamp man

    Description:  The scene is made using componenets of WA Dark Age Irish and Goths sets.  Both work very well together.  I particularly like the shield from the Irish set. 

  • Forum name: The Great Southern Ancient Miniature Man

    Title:  Gothic Standard Bearer

    Description:  Single Figure entry. From Goths sets.   Cool draco.  Mounted on plastic broom stick. Shield transfer from Gripping Beast Dark Age transfer set by Little Big Man. 


  • Forum name: Legofax

    Title: Spanish Guerilla Leader

    Description: This Spanish guerilla leader or officer was inspired by the uniform descriptions in Rene Chartrand's Spanish Guerillas in the Peninsular War. All of his parts are from the British Riflemen set. Moustache and whiskers were added with putty.

  • Forum name: Legofax

    Title: The Royal American Rifles

    Description: A group entry - A detachment of the 5th Battalion, 60th Royal American Rifles. All parts are from the British Riflemen set. Building and wall are from Warbases.

  • Forum Name: Dan Auch

    Title: MasterWired's Maraudin' Mayans

    Description: A fantastical take on the Aztec box that I built with my kids and use in fantasy wargaming. 

  • WW1 French squad. User name John Sullivan. 






  • Forum name: Francisco Martinez 

    title: Aztec Jaguar Warrior

    discription: built using the wargames Atlantic Aztec sprue

  • forum name Apostolis Garoufalis

    Title : Byzantine Conquistadors.A small band of Byzantine soldiers send to Americas to find riches to bring back and save the Empire.



  • Username: Steve Muddiman

    Title: Escape from Palmyra

    AD272 Queen Zenobia evading capture amongst the war-torn remains of her Capital. Aurelian's troops are on the hunt!

    WA Digital model, base modified from creation by DarkRealms from Thingiverse

  • Forum name: Maroš Kalafut

    Title: Goth Warriors

    Description:  1 saga point of Goth warriors straight out of the box, nothing else was needed.

  • Forum name: Georg Dierkes

    Title: The blood price

    Description: I used the Aztec Sacrifice and parts of the Missisipian Natives and Maori Warriors to build some Aztecs. A priest is there, too.

    Background story: After defeating an enemy tribe the Aztecs sacrifice the survived warriors their golden idol at the top of the mighty pyramid.


      The pitiful men are pushed up the stairs like lambs to shambles.

    At the top they are killed in the name of the Golden Idol.

    A Christian priest pray for the souls of the victims.

    However, this bloody ritual will go on, since the son of the defeated chieftain arrives with the torch of mercy.

    He arrive very late and save only four of his men.


  • Diorama Entry 

    Forum username - ALEXANDER SMITH

    Title of entry - Kaiserschlact, 1918

    Description of entry - In a lightning attack, German stormtroopers have successfully entered the first trench line of their French adversaries. The French defenders have thrown up a trench block to hold back the advancing German while both sides prepare a fusillade of grenades for this close quarters fight. In the background, a French SOS barrage lands on no-mans-land to disrupt the attack. In the foreground, a French Captain leads a reserve squad in a counter-attack on the lost position. 

    This diorama uses an entire box of WA German and French minis. 3D printed late war assault backpacks have been added to many of the German soldiers. Terrain and effects come from a variety of sources. 

  • Single Miniature Entry

    Forum username - ALEXANDER SMITH

    Title of entry - Oberleutnant Junger

    Description of entry - This German officer stands above a discarded French helmet as he directs his men in an attack. He is equipped with binoculars and a luger. 

  • Forum name: Neil Mac

    Title: Clearing The Way - Group/Diorama – Historical

    Description: French engineers remove obstacles and mines before a counterattack. The man at the back left has an SAS detenator and dynamite. The sergeant's pistol is from the partisans sprue and his wrench and the jerry can are Panzer Lehr. The slung rifle arms and the mine sweeper and blow-torch's heads are from the German Sentries. I couldn't find too much about French engineers with my google-fu so I decided to just have fun with it and throw on whatever useful gubbins they might need. The blow-torch is inspired by the engineer from Half-Life: Opposing Force. The mine sweeper and wire cutters were scratch built with an old 1/35 .50 cal ammo can as the detector backpack thingamajiggy.

    Forum name: Neil Mac

    Title: Antichar - Group/Diorama – Historical

    Description: A French anti-tank team with a Fusil Antichar Boys monitors panzer movements via radio. The Great War-era visor might deflect a splinter. The radio operator's head and radio are from the SAS sprue and I think the binoculars are Panzer Lehr.

    Forum name: Neil Mac

    Title: The Hunter - Single Figure – Historical

    Description: A sniper emerges from the Mle 38 Tactical Bush. The scope is definitely not historically accurate but it is an homage to the Lebel Marksman from Hunt: Showdown, for those of you who have played that.

    Forum name: Neil Mac

    Title: Respite - Single Figure – Historical

    Description: A battle-scarred sergeant of the Chasseurs Alpins finds a moment's relief in the shadow of the memories of another war. The cigarette-smoking arm is from the German Sentries and the head is from the Partisans.

  • Username: Brian Van De Walker

    Title: 1920’s Chinese Warlord Era Big Sword Trooper

    Type: single figure

     Description: As the title states it’s a Chinese Warlord Big Sword Trooper with an iffy on the accuracy paint job. I  kitbashed him together with the body and head from the WA WW2 Italian kit, the sword arms from the boxer kit, a partisan kit pistol holder, and a side satchel that I am pretty sure came from a Warlord games Boltaction kit, the stone flocking is chopped up sprue bits.

    Note: due to technical reason I am going to try to add some better photos a little bit after initial posts.



  • Username: Brian Van De Walker

    Title: somewhat Garishly painted Partisans and one hunter in snow

    Type: Group.

    Description: This is more or less a joke entry added for humor (since I was trying to give a lot of these guys eyes which was only one of the rookie mistakes made lol), though I did try hard to make the guy in the orange jacket presentable and I feel the other three are at least table worthyfor history gaming outside of them being just puddle based at the moment. Mostly WA Partisans and FrenchWW2 sprue parts with 2 studio Z bodies thrown in.

    Note: due to technical reason I am going to try to add some better photos a little bit after initial posts. Yes I actually have more photos of these guys.

    Edit: here is the rest.

    Yeah this guy is the hunter who I probably put the most work into of the lot of them.


    Some hilarously googley eyed guys. I am actually kind of pleased with these two, particularly the gunner who gives off a Mario meets Tintin vibe.

    Yeah, this guy was a quick paint.



  • Forum username - Tears of Envy

    Title of entry - Armed and dangerous Nurse

    Description of entry - From the WW1 Field Hospital digital kit

  • Forum Name: Bean More

    Historic single figure

    Title:  Though the Verdun Mud looking for Blood

    Discription: All parts from French infantry 1916-1940 kit, knife was carved from the machete in the kit. Intention was to replicate a historic photo of a late WW1 French Soldier. 









  • forum username: jacob driver 

    title: pharoah 

    descrption: from the pharoah set 

  • forum username: jacob driver 

    title: duel 

    desription: from onna bushiset 

  • Historical Group/diorama

    forum username: Carlos Mezo

    title: Warsaw Uprising

    description: Using the French Partisans box I have assembled the Resistance of the Warsaw uprising, Using putty to make the urban bases.


  • Submissions are now closed. Wargames Atlantic will be collating entries and data for the next few days. Thank you all for entering! keep on painting and please keep us posted! we love painted model photos!

  • @Georg Dierkes love the idol! Indiana Jones is on his way!

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