Iron Core color test

  • Recently got a bunch of these lovely Iron Core guys and girls, and have been trying out a few color options on them. This is what I've got so far. I'll probably keep rolling with that theme going forward, although the stripe on his shoulder will likely change color to denote the model's combat role (e.g., yellow for gunners with the chevron specifying gun type).

    The goal is to put together a universal enough KillTeam squad that I could hopefully run as multiple different Counts As units in casual home games.

    Iron Core Machinegunner

  • @Padomay 

    Impressive!  Looks really good.

  • @JTam 
    Thank you!
    That's my first time working with Wargames Atlantic's models and, coming from GW, I gotta say WA's not-quite-Heroic scale is a bit more difficult to work with (those gun arm to weapon connections are a good example of a more fiddly attachment point), but they look a good deal more proportional. As a nice bonus, they still combine easily with more human-scale Warhammer models (say, Sisters of Battle and the likes).

  • @Padomay 

    What Kill Team lists are you thinking about using?

  • @JTam 

    Definitely Kasrkin, though I'd probably put together enough guys for Vetguard, too. Other than that - I'd need to think about it, but I might have a shot for Breachers if I choose my specialists right. I've got two boxes of these guys and a lot of wh bits, so I'm not too limited on model count, especially if I plan well enough and have multiple models moonlighting as different specialists depending on which ruleset I run them as.

  • @Padomay outstanding model. Where did you get the backpack from? Is it scratch built?

  • @Andreas Mayrhofer
    The backpack is a 3d print of some Star Wars Legions related bits, this guy is mostly vanilla Iron Core.

  • Beautiful scheme, what colour did you used as base?

  • @Alessio De Carolis 

    So, the paints are AK Interactive, and most tones aren't taken "pure" and are instead mixed, but for the armor, I started out with German Grey (neutral dark grey) . Then mixes of German Grey and Ducat Blue (sky blue or ice blue type of thing) glazed over to create blue transitions, then add in some Pale Grey (not quite white) to create highlights

  • @Padomay This is an absolute wonder! I love the rugged wear-and-tear in the gear, and the optics OSL is just the cherry on top. The armour is an absolute wonder, but the specialist shoulderpad and rifle absolutely "sell" the personality of the specific mini. It is a little diorama waiting to come to life....

    Have you thought of submitting it to the Sci-Fi spring painting contest? I am pretty sure you would likely win, and you would get a nice featurette of your thought process getting to this miniature, for all of us to be enlightened :-)

    You can submit the pictures as-is, and then edit the posted entry later. If you wish to think longer about basing, or some other fancy photography bells-and-whistles, it is a neat trick I (and others) used last time ;-)

  • @antonio_tarruell 
    Thank you, I'm glad you like it!

    I'll need to actually base the guy, yeah, but I'll definitely look into this!
    There's a couple more guys in my painting queue that I might have time to tackle today/tomorrow, so I'll see which ones would seem more interesting to me, but yeah, I'll certainly participate in this!

  • @Padomay Excellent! Yeah, I totally encourage you to do so :-)

    I am pretty much myself in a rush to participate, 15 April is a bit close of a Deadline, and I am elbow-deep in a "Zerg-Rush" at work, as of late.

    Since the Bulldogs haven´t yet arrived to my FLGS, I would need to submit one of my mortar squads...which is a similar colour scheme as my last contest submission, so not ideal. (I would have liked to paint up something different, with other techniques for this one...but, oh well. Better to submit some painted mini goodness than not - The Bulldogs can wait for the eventual summer painting competition)

  • @Padomay Thanks👍

  • @antonio_tarruell I haven't even ordered any WGA models yet. I'm more focused on getting through college and building most of my GW models first. Hopefully I'll have time and space to get a WGA kit for the summer.

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