Future plastic releases?

  • So, are we to understand that WA has stopped plans for all previously announced plastic kits, with no more releases until they attract sufficent  Vox Populi votes/cash? 

  • No they're all still in production. Folks seem to be very confused as to how this simple add-on works. We can release about 12 sets a year. We've front loaded about 40. We will be releasing 12 no matter what but Vox Populi lets you vote for what you want to go sooner rather than later. That's all. 

  • @Hudson Adams That is actually very helpful in explaining stuff. Its good to know how many kits get released a year. Helps to figure out what is likely in the pipeline. Can't wait to see what future stuff is coming soon like the Roman Civillian kit for the Gangs in Rome.

  • how do we report spambot posts?

  • @Hudson Adams We've got a spambot

  • I've messaged Hudson through facebook about the spambot.


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