Iron Core Comms & Sniper

  • Continuing my experiments with some Iron Core guys for (theoretically) a KillTeam unit, here's a couple more.

    While the cape thing on the sniper does have colors at least similar to the original (SSO Prizrak), it doesn't look all that well on a model this size, so I might repaint it eventually. Possibly to a digital camo like on the rifle wrap. We'll see.

    Comms Specialist

    Comms Specialist. Like other non-weapon-focused specialists,  the distinction signs on her are green.


    Marksman/Sniper Gunner. Being technically a gunner, this guy also has a yellow stripe like the machinegunner I posted earlier. Unlike him though, he lacks the white stripe over yellow, the presence of which I've decided to use as an extra distinction of veteran status.

  • @Padomay where is the comms specialist's rifle from? Lovely models by the way! I'm excited to see more.

  • @Estoc Thank you!

    The Comms' "rifle" is the smg with an underslung grenade launcher from the other Esienkern set, the Stormtroopers. The one change done to it is the sight I've added to it, this once comes from the Panzerjagers, the "girls" counterpart box. Technically that same smg is also in the Panzerjager box, but I THINK it might be the tiniest bit smaller in scale? Even if not, by the point I was putting her together I'd already had an extra smg clipped from the "guys" version of the box and they seem to be completely interchangeable, so here we are.

  • Oustanding, great conversions 😎

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