Gangs of Rome minis an opportunity for 'upgrade sprues'

  • I considered just putting this in the main thread about these guys, but figured it might do better on its own.

    Basically, because the lower and patter parts of the body are two different pieces, I feel like the kit would be a really great spring board for WGA to make conversion kits for them. One of these could be the most obvious 'gladiator' kit, but others could be things like the much awaited Theurophoroi, Iberian infantry, or other light/medium infantry from the puic wars. (The 'gladiator loin cloth' in the set brings to mind certain images of Etruscans and Samnites I've seen over time, even though it isn't a 1:1 comparison.) And I imagine there could probably be many more uses for the legs at least than just those!

    But I guess the bigger question is, would there be a point? Is it any easier or cheaper to make a half sprue for conversions, or would it be simpler just to make a whole dedicated kit for the same things the civilians could be converted into? I can't say I know nearly as much about the industry of making plastic minis to be able to have any real clue on the matter.

    But what are your thoughts?

  • Hmm, well making civilians for Bronze to the so called Dark ages out of unarmored light troops by simply having 2 or more weaponless right hands in addition to weaponless left hands (such as sheild holds) like in the Goth set or even just clipping weapons is probably the "gets it done" way to go about for big crowds for most cultures (yeah you don't get women and children and its isn't going to be as colorful that way but it does give you a mob quickly).

    To be honest though (and this is going to be an unpopular opinion),  from the manufacturing side of things, the cheapest and least risky option civilians that will get the desired diorama effect is probably just doing STLs with zero plans on making sprues.

  • But sadly, doing it the conversion based way leaves out the two most important parts of kit for telling one force apart from another, the helms and shields.

    A quick hand & weapon swap is def all that's needed in a lot of cases - but there are certain things, in particular helms- where it cant be faked.

    As far STLs go- some of the designs have been incredible, and I've been very, very tempted to pull the trigger on those cultists! But at the end of the day, while I understand some of the reasons why resin and 3d printing enthusiasts are they way they are, it's not a material for me, so I'd rather spend my time suggesting, and working on conversions for plastic kits.

  • @H M I get it. I hope we eventually have a more plastic-like resin on the market, that is one that clips, cuts and shaves. I know I can cut and kitbash on my computer, but it isn't really the point of this hobby to me.

    I think in the near future it will be a lot easier to get bits printed at shops.

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