Deathfields Crowdfunding

  • @Caratacus 

    OK.  My first thought when seeing the Hounds was they would be excellent Cold One Hound things for Dark Elf Mordheim/Lustria gangs.  

  • We are going the wrong way:

    Monday morning 5 JUN 23:

    There's no reason to freak out.  I would imagine we can look forward to $100,000.00 or more pledges on the last couple days of the fundraiser....  It's just a disappointing middle period.

  • @JTam Strange to see a crowdfunder actually drop rather than rise, unless some backers are for some reason abandoning their pledges? Though I thought with these things that once you've pledged, you're in for the ride permanently?

  • @Caratacus

    I believe there is a full refund available up to 15 days after close of fund raising.  And a 90% refund after that.  This is from memory.

    Couple of pet theories on the contraction:

    1.  The long rumoured/built up 40K box set was just announced as dropping next week. Folks may be deciding to blow their hobby load on that instead.  (Facts:  It's a pretty awesome box set).

    2.  It's looking slightly tenuous on whether the artillery kit is going to happen.  Some folks may be consequently downsizing their order.

    I.E.  Part of the reason I pledged for 10 boxes was because I wanted a box or two of artillery.  Maybe I only need 7 or 8 boxes if there isn't going to be artillery.

    Those are my theories anyway.

  • Some big changes to the campaign today 5 JUN 23:

    Summary of changes that I see:

    Option for raised, beveled "40K" style bases.  (This is definitely a positive).

    Sh*t loads more free sprues.

    Money target to unlock artillery significantly reduced.

  • Now we are getting somewhere.  Another backer or two and we got Hounds.

  • This last update changes things.  I was about to cancel my pledge, as I didn't need base and cannon fodder sprues and I figured I would put my money to better use rather than lock it up in a kickstarter and buy the boxes at nearly the same price when they actually release.  Now there is real value to the pledge, I think I will stay in.  Good move, guys.

  • Yeah. I just realised I can get a whole squad of grognards. I would never get two full boxes out of curiosity, but here we are

  • Love to see the steady progress since the last big update. Hopefully more people will catch up to grab nice chaos artillery pieces soon!

  • Plan view and alternate armaments of the vehicle posted here:

  • @Drangir 

    Didn't explode but it's at a nice ground eating pace now.

    My uneducated napkin math:

    $3,000.00 a day x 14 + $100,000.00 on the last day equals to $317,000.00.  That's not bad at all and unlocks everything.  Just a guess though.  My stocks all ate sh*t last year so what do I know.  

  • As I said somewhere, kickstarters are weird beasts. We may get ups and downs. I expect it may gain a lot of attention if they decide to show some more direct proxies for The Brand or cannons, that seems like pretty uniform in design to fit any rag tag army facton in sci fi or modern fantasy setting. Doubt it will slow down more (maybe in day by day basis, but it doesn't really count). I'm really curious about the last week, it may be really tough time for the guys - but in a good way :D

  • I'm happy with the update to the rewards allowing us to pick sprues. I had already backed it so it's just icing on the cake. I really, really want to get to those artillery pieces, though. Hopefully we'll get another surge towards the end of the campaign to push us over. 

  • We are here the afternoon of 8 JUN 23:

    It's $230,000.00 to unlock the artillery.

    I think we'll comfortably reach that. 

  • Sidenote:  I think WGA is going to sell a metric sh*t ton of the artillery kits.

    They make great stand ins for Imperial Guard field ordnance. 

    The field ordnance is a relatively newish option so a lot of Guard players still want to add these to their armies.  

    You can spend $55 for two artillery pieces:

    Or $35 for three artillery pieces:

    The WGA artillery in the renders isn't as beat up looking as the heavy weapons.  Scrape off a few spikes and it's ready for your Imperial Guard army.  

  • I also think that once we get there we may count on the influx of pledges, hopefully!
    Great dig into the potential inspiration of the force. Even if not done deliberately, you may gather references from the similar era and faction to keep things close visually.

    It can be accidental too, as AK's in space aren't something new. Even modern Star Wars rebels use AK - like as the main weapon (subtle).


    Also I see that fundraise get little more pace today ^^

  • @Drangir Also in the future weapons will be similar in shape to ours. After all they'd to conform to humans' anathomy, and logically either pistols AND rifles have some rules to follow, don't think we'll never seen phasers that seems remote controllers as in STTNG. A rifle had to have a stock and a barrel, with a magazine for rounds (or energy cells). and it had to be ergonomic.From early arquebus to the latest M4s, you'll see a common lineage on how they are handled.

  • Nice:

  • 24 hour period.  Thursday morning to Friday Morning:

    So about 3 grand a day.

  • Female Infantry unlocked thanks to the social media campaign!

    There's new pictures on the pledge page:

    The inclusion of non-ritually scarred heads and non spikey helmets really increases the flexibility of the kit.  These can easily represent battered Imperial Guard now.  Nicely done!



  • Sidenote:  I'd really like to see the inclusion of some bare headed and saucer cap heads wearing rebreather masks.  

    It's a cool look and would work for characters and add variety while still making sense with the troops wearing gas hoods.

    Would also make these models dead ringers for the Imperial Guard Regiments of Salvar Chem Dogs.


  • @Alessio De Carolis When it comes to minis and widely sci-fi minis there are shapes we expect from a weapon to make sense, but there's a lot of wiggle room for creators to make it more or less grounded. Scale can make the same design make a great difference. Oohra has massive rifles, while Einharjar keeps rather stocky, handy weapons. You can even remix and swap stuff - Apex have a bullpup inspired with AK that has completely  different character from the real counterpart. Straps and rough finish make a good set for beaten militia or Damned, while the same weapon, but made clean and sleek, will fit royal guards. It's all about very small details and crucial art decisions.

  • @JTam I would rather see a Sci Fi Ashigaru sun helmet with a lower half gas mask, or was that what you meant by saucer hat?


  • @Brian Van De Walker 

    I meant saucer hat like this:


  • So voting is up for the $250,000.00 stretch goals kit:

    Choice 1 - Mutation sprue:

    Choice 2 - Heavy Infantry:

    Choice 3 - Beastmen (Gene Edited Infantry):


    The Heavy Infantry is an interesting kit.  Good for representing Stormtroopers/Karsakins/Scions/etc.  

    I thought the Gene Edited kit was going to be a sprue/kit to make the Damned into Genestealer Cultists.  (Bald bumpy heads and extra limbs and claws.  Which I still think would be a great idea.)

    But Beastmen is a nice surprise as well. 

    I voted for them.  


    Something for @JTam  

    I'm not sure how it works. Do they just add un-damned sets to a rooster? Still, good news, these gun placements are incredibly universal. I would probably grab some for Einharjar till they get their own pieces.

  • @Drangir 

    That is good news.  

    It's a little confusing.  Will they have both normal and damaged shields in the heavy weapons kit?

    Again this is a good thing. 

    But perhaps just make middle ground damaged shields to match the uniforms as opposed to pristine gun shields and utterly beat to sh*t, Orky gun shields.  

    Regardless they will sell a metric sh*t ton of the these to Guard players.

  • Well it looks like the Heavy Infantry won out:

    I like the Beastmen a lot more, but these are interesting too.

  • @JTam tbh damaging assets is one of the easiest things to do to a model, but removing all spikes may be bit bothersome. No easy way to remove all scratches and holes in the basic shields too.

    I also don't get it... theoretically it would fit on the sprue, but it doesn't check out...

  • Reddit Thread to bump/comment on:

    This one emphasizes The Damned use as Imperial Guard.


    Look at that, top of the page in r/TheAstraMilitarum:




  • I just finished Denny Flower's "Outgunned".

    There's a part of the book that reminded me a lot of these WGA Heavy Infantry:


  • The Heavy Infantry (and regular for that matter) would be great for STALKER, Metro 2033, or similar:


  • @Drangir It's way easier doing normal, undamaged shields/weapons' mounts, so you can add the necessary damage to them. So everyone could add holes/wreck them without seeming too uniform. Plus the heavy infantry, with their battered look are perfect for some soldiers on a long running campaign, where reinforcements and supplies are in short number.

  • @Alessio De Carolis Yup, that's my point. Making the Damned guns fit fresh and regular army would be a lot of work, cutting spikes and filling holes

    @JTam somehow half-asked the beastmen in the line month ago. Not the hounds, but indeed we got beastmen in the line! (Well, we can get them.)

  • @Alessio De Carolis If they do "undamaged" (as you call it), I want it to be a seperate sprue with undamaged/unspikey arms so WA can use it as the main stay heavyweapons for most factions from this point on and do the crew as a seperate body only sprue (so we get that body sprue AB😉).

    Also I don't know about you but I want spikey bits with my Post Apoc Minis. The plan guns are a little too plan just for the Damned, I think the earlier feral plate options they had where better for the over all army theme since it is actually hard to do good "to scale" looking damage for some types of damage (plus it saves time that could be spent elsewhere like on building Damned terrian).  if it comes down to  an "either or" vote I would pick feral plates and guns look unless a Damned body AB is happening(gosh these Damned puns are bad😆).

  • Just pledged a 3-boxer, because even if I liked it, my motivation was the Heavy Artillery set (which completed till a full-starter range for Imperial Guard, "Siege of Vraks" flavored)... and it unlocked in the nick of time. Never before did I do an online pledge/kickstarter, and was a prior FLGS buyer you definitively did things right. Only thing I could have gotten was the 25mm base with 3mm bevel (sacrificed to an extra juicy female damned infantry sprue), but I will be buying that from my FLGS in the future.

    To celebrate: The big, big field artillery guns in plastic, 28mm scale, were an unreachable dream for a lot of wargaming history, and just up-and came a solution for it. I absolutely love the kits and current concepts, it looks like something made by Krupp in the 1914-1945 period, with your trademark historical bent to it. The best of Gothic sci-fi horror marrried to WW1-2 realism, and postapocalyptic slavic futures including STALKER and Metro2033, with a delightful serving of Varsaw pact (AK47, Spikes, Balaclavas and trench armour? Together? In the same box? In the same range and time of the year? HECK YEAH!!!)

    Let´s just add a live, lovingly curated and detailed in-real-time design and feedback/improvement game with the community and polls which iare unique to WGA and bleeding-edge in execution, when it comes to the minWargaming industry, plus a very nice extra sprue system... and we got a chef´s kiss.

    There is probably up-to-spec sociological analysis software behind this campaign, besides quite good profesionals. This way to push the enveloppe of what is possible with the resources at hand reminds me of punchy, world-competitive molecular biology labs, in a good way. Loving the academic-grade transparency and co-design with us at work here. And the presence at DakkaDakka, WGA website+polls and forums, is much appreciated - I don´t do social networks, on principle (toxic behavioral incentives, FOMO, and information impermanence). It was the dakkadakka WGA releases thread which sold me on things, where I update, and which made me discover WGA in the first place, so much appreciated that forum and its grognards are acknowledged by the staff. Those of you, my fellows in the forum who man it and post of it, are the true heroes - thanks to you all for sharing the good tips.

    The only possible way to top the versatility of the kit would have been to throw "Vietminh/Vietcong heads on it, then you would have probably reached ABSOLUTE MATHEMATICAL PERFECTION in my eyes. It still is utter perfection as it stands, hope all renders make it or even improve till execution of the minis, with an eye on distinctive facial expresions - WGAs current frontline on its quest for the mathematically perfect infantry boxset.

  • Design Petition: Could we just try the Toyota Hilux rocket pod meme for the "Earthquake -Terrae Motus" APC, please? Last ingredient left to this awesome "insurgent chic" hotpot, since the balaclava, spikes and AK47 are already baked in.

    URSS rocket pods nicely intersect the Venn Diagram between Orks, Insurgents, and post-apoc Varsaw pact, besides being widely represented in the MLRS/artillery ruleset space. It might just be too good of a chance to pass up🤣

    (And if it doesn´t fit here, maybe on the heavy artillery frame, should there miraculously be some free space?)

  • Also, if there was room having rubber tires as well as the spoke wheels for the artillery pieces it would really increase appeal/flexibility.  With the spoke wheels they fit Traitor Guard, Krieg, and maybe Vostroyans perfectly.  Rubber tires change the feel completely and make the artillery match Cadians and everybody else.

  • @JTam Well, if this was a KS they could add the OG STL pack or Character STLs free on all multibox pledges though I am not sure if that is okay with a Gamefound project. 

    @Drangir Yeah the hounds are actually one of the things that got me to back since I was thinking feral animals for SciFi games.

  • @JTam There are several loyalist guard armies with spiky helmets and equipment (frankly many of the traitor guard armies may still be wearing the same spiky uniforms they wore when serving the Emporer).

  • @Brian Van De Walker I mean, the design and accessories of loyalist factions aren't exactly nice and clean! Cadia sets from GW Can give that vibe of regular military force, but it's still full of skulls and other darker iconography - And it's about one of the best equipped and disciplined forced in the line. Don't even get me started on order factions in fantasy or commissars

  • @antonio_tarruell Such as these from Empress minis?

  • Ok

  • Just to toot my own horn on that last Reddit post:

    (Signature line material there.....)


  • A general trend from Reddit was at least as many if not more buyers were going to use them as Loyalist Guard.  

    Anything that eases/facilitates that like clean gunshields and heads will increase the kits mass appeal/future sales.


  • @JTam They should send you something nice in your order for your work in the interwebs C:

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