www.realworld.com, or, What a "Bummer " of a week.

  • Hi all have I really missed you people. My love to you all, BIll Thomas, William (Bill) Redford, GG, J-Tam, Mark, Red Bee, John, all of you named and unnamed have been in my thoughts for a very long time. God I was begining to think I`d not get back. Its been a total "Brian Rix", one major "Farce", lots of very daft things suddenly exculating to more time needed to sort out and then bingo. Without any warning no time for any lesure at all. 

    Looking back it started with poor Eileen having no pain relief, and me picking up any slack. Tia needing a Vet visit (nothing wrong), and repurpusing our car to take a "Big Dog" for her trip. Most destroying, the printer played up when needed, and at 68 in "August" my driving licence needed a main post office trip to sort out . 

    The above plus the total joke of a computer working only when it wanted, as made me even more bald. Kept me off line to now. I`ve missed so much particulary the brilliant "Damed", god what a army, "WGA" as hit the ground runing with them.They are possibbly one of the best ranges even better than my beloved "Ho -Rahs".

    Only thing I`ve managed to do is watch La Brea, and Steven Kings Under The Dome,  and the tinyist bit of modeling in the form of a "Witch" conversion for WW1. 

    Lets hope that I am back for good now , time is an enemy to Eileen and myself,  and a hard mistress to juggle with,  This forum has given me friends and a purpose to enjoy life when mobility is an issue. One way or another I will not give it up. All our love Eileen and Geoff.

  • @Geoff Maybury 

    Was worried about you ....  Glad to see you back!

    Pics of the WW1 witch?

  • @JTam Sorry to have worried you "Whats that they say the perfect storm" Time is one think you can`t beat when house workand life builds up add the tortoise of a computer with it own mind and you have Eileen and Geoff foaming at the mouth Here is my witch build.

  • WGA world war one bottom , top, Star? females. Now full coat is having a paper line, ready for miliput.

  • She will have a open fastened back trench coat. I`ve enjoyed making her. 

  • Arms will come from the War Lord Female adventurers.

  • When bodies finished I`ll snip the base off, file the shoes, and give her a clear base to go with rest. Looking forward to doing this to some "Tomies". Cheers Brother missed you..

  • @Geoff Maybury good to have you back old chap, but sorry to hear you've been through the mill! I do love our chats, and our shared love of similar themes so keep up the splendid work when you can... I see you found me on Facebook so do send me a friend request there too as I post more of my stuff there to bore everyone with 😂

  • @Geoff Maybury 

    Is the back of her coat plastruct or paper?

    Nice effect.

  • @JTam Paper I make all clothing conversions first in paper to get the "Cut" of the garment right. Then a very thin milliput coat is put on to texture and hide seams, on such as this great coat Some times a very thin PVA glue will work if it`s a shirt or blouse.  Cuffs are done with paper and belt and belt loops again coate with PVA or Milliput. all clothing is made as a seamstress would cut a patern . My Mom was one and she taught me to make my own Action Man /Gi Joe uniforms then finished them off for me on her singer. This is ohow I do animal saddles wrap animal in cling film PVA glue a rough saddle blanket shape then milliput Remove when dry then file to shape when happy do same for saddle with cling film this time over the saddle blanket.Straps can be real to remove or paper milliput if fixed.  Great for "Dinno" saddles. Paper clothing is really god if you have the time do "Zombies" take a small model drill to any figure you wish to make into a Zombie the use tissue and PVA to represent flesh cotton latter covered in PVA for hanging "Guts" and then paper clothe panels with holes to cover partial damage sites. This way any Zombie can be introduced to any game system, works well with tissue and PVA for Zomie Animals. Cheers all, Take care "Brother"

  • @Geoff Maybury 

    Some great ideas.  Thanks Brother.

  • @Geoff Maybury Sorry to hear you have been have problems, real life can be a pain to deal with at times.


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