2023 May Digital Releases

  • May's theme is "Seadogs!"

    WGA promises to drop loads of Seamen on us all May:

  • I had some thoughts for a Seamen theme here:



  • I'm very excited for the Sea Peoples:

    I kid.  I recently purchased quite a few of Lucid Eyes beautiful Sea Peoples miniatures.  A good Sea People STL will nicely compliment WGA's upcoming Trojan Chariot.

  • Actually for this theme, as intresting as those suggestions are I think  late 19th to early 20th century Tramp Freighter crewmen  might be the go to subject  for either Imperial Conquests, Greatwar or World ablaze (maybe even just in General Accuterments) considering all the asks for "pulp hero" that keep arguing that you can't just use Partisians for them (not going to lie I think one can do a crew out of the Partisans with the right paint job and hat headswaps, but it is an argueing point and at least we have a chance of getting a proper earringed Corto🤣).

  • @Brian Van De Walker A good idea, also if there's this figure:


    I've it and it's very lovely

  • First sneak peak for May:


  • @JTam Plastic Pirates at decent WGA prices would be a real winner! They could even make them a Death Fields variant too - everybody loves Space Pirates!

    The trouble with WGA is they keep putting out these great looking concepts and digital files, but the plastic versions take way too long to appear. It is like dangling a juicy steak in front of a hungry man then telling him he can have it next year (maybe!).

  • @Paul Mitting Well that’s typical of most companies,  in fact I would say WA is a lot quicker than most and maybe going a little too fast with some of their projects. Perry's had previews of both their FPW French and Prussian at the same time back in 2020 , then I think they released their Prussians in either in 2020 or 2021 they only just released their FPW French like last month (3 years from Preveiw). Warlord advertised taking over Progloria's Landsknecht KS then took years to get anything out in plastic for them, Victrix had previews of WW1 British back at the start of the WW1 anniversary that if still planned are still not released😆. War game plastic sets seem to take years to make generally, though that might be a past tense issue.

  • New update today 11 May:


    Not immediately useful to me... But beautifully sculpted.

  • Maybe the next time WGA does the Seamen theme they can do "Sinbad and friends" to compliment the WGA plastic skeletons.