Stragrave Crew: Long Arm of the Law

  • My latest Stargrave crew assembled to track down and battle it out with the convict crew I painted earlier. I used parts from Stargrave plastic kits, Wargames Atlantic plastic kits, Mantic plastic Enforcers kit, a head from Anvil Industries, and sheriff badges from Great Escape Games plastic Gunfighters kit.

    Not the prettiest up close but they will look great on the game table.

  • Great work! We are entering a great era for kitbashing with the number of compatible kits out there, and the number of new kits keeps growing. I like the use of the sheriff badges in this context - they are oversized for cowboy figures but on sci-fi enforcers they look right. The colour scheme and paint job is perfect too - you spend more time on them than I do.

  • Excellente job, can I suggest Pig Iron's heads for more variety, some are well suited for a paramilitary enforcers' group.

  • Fantastic team - love this use of those Stargrave guys, and the Cannon Fodder bits and Great Escape gunfighters bits work seamlessly together with them!  I think the paint work looks great - better than mine, for sure, and the colour choices look great.

    These guys remind me a bit of Reaper Miniatures' plastic "John Bishop: Space Cowboy" guy from their Chronoscope line, he'd fit right in:






  • Lovely project, and super figures 😍

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