An unmistakeable aroma of garlic ......

  • First up is a crew of French Napoleonic Garde Horse Artillery: WA Rifles bodies & swords with Victrix arms and various heads :

    Garde Horse Artillery

    The officer was the last conversion of the 1st box. I bought a 2nd box of Rifles just to get the torsos for the gunners. :)


    Then a group of Light Cavalry staff officers (useful for General d'Armee).

    The two at the back are WA rifles legs & torso, the staff officer at the front Victrix with Perry Afghan arms, the Light Dragoon elite chap is all Perry.

  • Astounding jobs! About the garlic, I imagine these ones could repel an army of "old style" vampires in The Silver Bayonet! 😜

  • After 5 years of campaigning against a certain Mr Sharpe, they may be running low on the stuff (not La Garde of course ) .

    The 'official' Silver Bayonet figures are the overscaled 'Heroic' 28mm, these chaps would be too small and not reek enough to count ;).

  • @Dennis Horne 

    Beautiful conversions.  Nicely done.

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