Buggies/IFVs - Compare & contrast ......

  • Your Ooh-Rah troopers don't feel like walking to the front today ?

    Here are 3 alternatives to move' em on up. Each have their own price/assembly/asthetic points ....

    Beauregarde IFV (cardstock) this beast can also be made up as a support vehicle/Wheeled Tank (cf  AMX10RC  the French sent to the Ukraine). I'm looking to mount a Grongnard heavy plasma cannon on mine ... work very much in progress.

    Paragon Star Buggy (Resin) One of a family of products, seems derived from a British Cold War Saracen APC.

    Terrae Motus IFV (Plastic) One of the Damned products yet to be unlocked, it is claimed (but as yet no pics) that it has support varients available as an option. To me, this has echoes of the Hotspur Hussar APC


  • Hmm, those extra turrets will find their way into many a scratch built vehicle for use with Games System that must not be spoken of.

    Perhaps adding a generic support ring to allow any of the Damned Heavy weapons to be added in SP configuration may be a good idea?

    The Flame Unit big enclosed turret makes the vehicle look top heavy, put it (or indeed anything else ) on a remote weapon station like the US did with the Stryker?

  • Take a look at a top down shot of an M113/FV432 to see how the roof was configured on those 2 Vehicles, provide an M113 style large circular roof hatch open or closed with an option to replace it with a circular roof piece to accomodate those turrets. That would greatly increase the flexibility of the piece.

    Roof Hatch closed, hatch open with troopers firing from it, open hatch with AutoMortar or turret attachment with all the above options.

  • @Hudson Adams it may have nice potential to combine with some heavy weapons spares. Turrets seems little out of place at this point, especially flamer. Laser one is the best so far

  • @Dennis Horne Like what? Stargrunt II? cause that is the second game I think of using my deodrant bottletanks for with the first being my own rule set I am not making/writing in the right way.

  • I'm leaning towards using Xenos Rampant as the basic ruleset. Simple, large skirmish scale, fast play mechanism ~20-50 troops. Stargrunt has lots of complexity and a cumbersome multi dice play system, loads of good ideas, but too complex for modern tastes.

    XR allows for the use of vehicles and indirect artillery.

    In XR you could interpret that 'APC' configuration as an Improvised Armoured Softskin 5 or 10 troop transporter @ 4 or 5 points , the second Armoured APC as a TV also at 4-5 points depending on 5/10 transport capacity, the later tooled up bretheren could be an FV, basic 6 points, no troop capacity cost rising depending on what extra goodies you add.

    Note in a standard 4'x4' game, you are limited to one only of FV or TV in the whole detatchment (2 in a 6'x4' 36pt game), hence the need to consider softskins as battlel taxis,

    That 4~5 points for a transport vehicle is typically what you'd pay for a unit of reasonable combat infanty and you only have 24 points in a normal game - choose your forces with care ;).

  • @Drangir The re-use of all those surplus Plasma Cannon, Flamers and Grenade Launchers via a generic RWS (Remote Weapon Station) was why I suggested it above.

    Their competitors already offer  such things : e.g. Anvil Armoured Turret



  • @Brian Van De Walker  will these deal with your deoderant spray/beer can issues?

  • @Dennis Horne 

    It does look a bit like a Hotspur Hussar.

    When I first saw the WGA vehicle I thought it looked a bit like a M3 Scout Car or one of those Canadian Senators.  

    I think the WGA vehicle is a bit boring looking, but that's also its strength.  It doesn't look too far out of place from 1930 to 2023 to 40000.  Very, very flexible.

  • The vehicles I originally posted utterly lack mine/IED protection. Makes'em all children of the late 20th Century.

    They seem to share dubious off road capability, needing a serious heavy airlift capability. None can be slung under Huey/Black Hawk type of helicopter - an issue for those remote planatary colonies with few roads.

    The lightest version of the damned Waggon would benefit from the option not to incorporate the bolt-on passenger armour. Roll cages only. The drawing above  seems to suggest this, but the images of the prototype plastic show even the light varient having tin sides.

    Wanna a real technical for those Space Taliban ? Yours for a mere £13, guv - Toyota Technical

    I'd expect the RCL, DhSk style weapons would get relocated to distant worlds by the Death Fields manangement along with their religiously tempremental operators.

  • @Dennis Horne APC variant with have the open back config, they confirmed in the comments there will be variants and with this shape it would be really weird to not include the open one.

  • @JTam you honestly aren't far off, the tracked version is basically an M2 halftrack with the serial numbers filed off, and the M2 half track was derived from the chassis of the M3 scout car. the wheeled version looks the like body of the half track on the drivetrain of the 2 1/2 ton trucks.



  • Thought experiment:

    The Damned vehicle looks like wheeled M3 half-track (or a M3 Scout Car with an extra wheel).

    The Infantry have bowl helmets.

    The Infantry have pseudo AKs.

    What can you do with this?

    Who used M3 half-tracks, has an iconic bowl helmet, and used/uses an AK variant?

    That's right, it's time for Imperial Guard IDF in SPACE!!!!!

    IDF half-tracks:

    (Got to put the heavy stubber in the windshield).

    The upgunned vehicle variants work too.

    The Damned rifles:

    Galil (AK variant):


    Finally the Command Sprue has Uzis for some reason.

    This was meant to be.

  • IDF in Space!!!! Imperial Guard got even easier:

  • But what physical scale will they appear as?

    I fear that all of this Damned hype will turn up as being slightly larger than the Grognards which were originally done by the same scupltor (as were those only-games Civilian add-ons).

    That means incompatability with the CF, CF2 and Oh Rah sets.


    Only know when/if I ever have any plastic actually on the conversion bench.

  • I think most of my Damned will have regular heads. Oh, some crazies there and there, but I really dig the female sculpts here. They've shown male counterparts, but I can't find the photos.

    @Dennis Horne They are supposed to be in the exact same scale, as other regular humans in the line. Brutes will be the same height as Vain too.

    They also confirmed that compatibility is one of the goals of the brand early in the fundraiser.

  • @Drangir 

    "They've shown male counterparts"

    Yes, supposedly:

    But I don't remember seeing normal (un-scarred) faces or un-spiked helmets in any renders of the male Infantry.

  • Sidenote: 

    Great heads if you want to do female Commonwealth Paras or armor crewmen for some reason.

  • @JTam About strange IDF tanks https://youtu.be/-BbQd_MGzCA

  • @Alessio De Carolis 

    40K Sherman style STL:

    + Vanquisher variant of course:



  • @Drangir

    Compatibility with Cannon Fodder or Grognard ?

    There are 2 incompatible scales in the Death Fields range. The Cannon Fodder Civilians came out as Grognard size.

  • I don't follow the tribe, so I'm not aware of civilians. Also it's understandable that not all parts will be compatible, like Einharjar won't fit easily to others. Anatomy between sets will be slightly different, but gear and heads should be interchangeable. In the worst case use of slightly smaller or bigger hands shouldn't be an issue.

  • I don't follow social media myself ;).

    I bought a set of those WA Digital civilians as part of that infamous order which took 6 months to resolve, the kit was a mix of extra arms parts and a few CF style figures, I found 'em (and reported so on this forum) ~10% bigger than the CF figures they were supposed to support.

    The 'baloon heads' on normal CF figures showed up, putting same 'baloon heads' on a Grognard torso worked.  At the end of the day it's all down to personal judgement/taste. I will not pledging 25 boxes of Damned figures to find out they are too big for my (extensive) CF forces.

    Once bitten twice shy :(.

    The upcoming Stargrave scavengers figures will also wait until I can get hold of a sprue to evaluate.

    There is lots of hype about all of therse figures, but no-one is shipping plastic to customer's mailboxes. It may be a good few months before plastic hits peoples workbenches for both sets of products.

  • Oof, sounds like a one fat mistake! Not wonder you're vary of this. I have only lizards and einharjar in my collection, so no worries about incompatibility for me.

  • @Drangir I actually have a WA Lizard Army, a 3 WA box deal of them. I built for OPFOR use against my Colonial Militia.


    The beast in the middle is a clockwork TRex  I got from this lot : mArrk

    3 Boxes lets you fit out a full 36 point Xenos Rampant Sci-Fi army, most of 'em being the spear armed critters counting as Lesser Xenomorphs. MArrk becomes an SMU Greater Xeno (with extra points for attitude). 

    Try gently cutting off a spare Einherjar heavy weapon arm component at the wrist and re-attatch to a spare right Lizard arm - et voila the basis for a Liz heavy weapons trooper.

    I even converted some as gunners they turn up on the table with both mArrk and a captured Grongnard tri-barrelled cannon. The gunner officer sports a captured Space Dwarf radio set.


  • Oh yeah, most weapons will fit if fiddled a bit. I was saying mostly about direct connections between sets without or with minimal cutting. I'm currently buffing my lizers up with some printed lasguns and necromunda weapon pack I grabbed on promo. Arms are tad smaller than lizardmen's, but I can use just hands - or little thinner arm won't hurt on these anyway.

  • @Dennis Horne 

    If I understand you correctly you are saying the Cannon Fodder STL printed at a size that did not permit compatibility with Grognards.

    Have you tried plastic Cannon Fodder with plastic Grognards?

  • @JTam Nope, I have no printing capacity.

    I am refering to plastic Cannon Fodder (1 and 2) vs plastic Grognards (line and command sprues) and the Atlantic Digital printed Civilians that came with that infamous FUBAR order.

    AFAIK Cannon Fodder (+ Ooh Rah) are done by a different sculptor than the Grognards (I don't know about the others) there is a ~5-10% scale difference to my eyes.

    I'd expect to be able to adjust scale on a self printed figure to cancel such glitches out.

    Once I discovered a source of individual sprues I have been mixing things about.

  • According to the Tribe page, the parts should feat rather neatly. Some arms seem bit too long etc. but they're made to fit. Maybe it's the print store who put wrong data to the machine?

  • @Drangir if he where just talking print store stuff, I recall there being a mild "random sizing issue" with the prints (I have not ordered any I just saw pics of a guy's two order of the robots being very diffrent in size). However he isn't

    @Dennis Horne While its true that fitting the Cannon fodder arm on the Grogs likely isn't going happen for the two handed CF gun holds without conversion work, the grog guns seem to work just fine on the CF bodies once you know which arm goes to which hand:

    And both set's arms seem to work okay with the bulldog bodies though the CF are a bit fiddlely "small arm in large socket" on the Bulldogs, however I blame this more on them being chunky monkey flavor torso sculpts, same deal with the grog issues you have (anyone telling you heroic is the “golden standard scale” is lying to you and most likely to themselves, Heroic proportions are all over the place 😆). I say this because thus far all the Death Fields  gun arms I have come across IRL work great boltaction sculpts, I can stick pretty much any of the Death Feilds gun arms on Warlord Boltaction figures and they don't even look that out of place or "skipped leg day"ish.


    Frankly though if your objective is a more "by the book IG look", given where you seem to be geographically based on your suggestion to me being in pounds, it might be wiser for you to just buy GW IG arms with the shoulder armor from your local ebay market in the grogs case (though the webbing may still get in the way) since one really does want some sort of shoulder pads with those grog sculpts anyways since they have a sad tendancy to look a little off without shoulder armor.  With the Bulldogs you may want some to have a whole midsection replacement with a nice armored torso for that from the IG book look in addition to the guns (it does not have to be GW torso, plenty of matching third parties).  

    Also if I were to buy scratch build help parts from the UK, I would probably go with Ramshackle Games as my first choice just cuase they seem worth it price wise and back on topic have good range of vehicles that would likely work great with the Death Field minis, particularly the Damned though I am sure Ooh-rah could get some sweet ride too from them.

    @JTam I think the Uzis are Sci-Fi box macs which makes more sense and works better with thier themeing, but okay😆.


    A far future version of the "Build-A-Borz Practical Scrap Metal Small Arms Home workshop Machine Pistol" would be a good gun for them as well, it looks like a Sci Fi gun while also being something rednecks would build.

  • It's mixing Grongnard Torsos in wiith a group of CF1/2 torso figures where the scale difference shows up.

    I fully appreciate that '28mm' can go from anything from true 28mm to 35mm++ depending on manufacturer (and whether they sniff their own resin). The body sculpts BMI profile can also vary from "anorexic" to "extra Fries and Doughnuts with that".

    You can make almost any components/figures interwork with filing, putty, resulpting and different base depths. The irritation comes when you end up doing it with the same manufacturer over the same range.

    I got some Grognard with box of Grog Command (just for the guns) and a couple of Grog sprues for the flamers and AGLs. I ended up grouping most of those Torsos into a unit with Space Dwarf heads & Stargrave weapons just not to scrap them.

    Trust me, I'll never knowingly mimic a GW product. ;)

  • @Brian Van De Walker Oh, derp, I was pretty sure it was about civilian parts which are print only.

  • @Drangir cannon-fodder-civilian-parts - you can get them in resin over there.

    I would strongly advise not to do so based on my (and others) experiences.

    You are better off getting a Stargrave Crew I and Crew II sprue from the web or other sources for your decks, spanners and other parts - you even get 10 useable figures to boot plus a load of alien heads, all of it in plastic for about the same cost.

  • @Dennis Horne I finally got my second Only Games order after about 2 months (1 to print it after I paid them upfront) and another for it to crawl its way across the globe to Western Australia. Having said that, the print quality and sizing is excellent, but these are from another designer and not the WGA digital sculpts.

    So quality can be good from Only Games, just don't expect your order to arrive in any kind of reasonable time frame.

  • @Brian Van De Walker 

    Yeah... No.


  • @Drangir 

    I don't know if you finally found the "normal" heads ...  If you didn't they were in this post:


    Kind of burying the lead.


  • The Damned APC looks a lot like a BTR-152. 

     I'm good with that, as I used to drive one.

  • @Joe Dog 

    You have to elaborate on this story!

  • IDF?

    Captured gear ?

    A lot of 40's/50's/60's's era found its way to Cairo, Jordan & and Damacus in the late C20's.

    Still think it's closer to that Hussar, the BTRxxx series had way too much basic armour

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