My plans for the Damned

  • So with my updating to a 5 box pledge, I got a few extra sprues to add to my pledge. My pledge consists of 2 infantry (male and female) a thing of ogres, a heavy weapons squad and a command squad. And I added an extra box of heavy weapons squad (mainly in anticipation of Heavy Infantry being unlocked before tomorrow) and two base packs. With those free sprues I got 15 squats (5 sprues, well, I think 5 sprues equals 15 Einjerjar), 2 sprues of Ooh Rah, 2 sprues of bulldogs, a sprue of male canonfodder bodies and a sprue of female canonfodder, along with three sprues of canonfodder arms and accesories. Why three sprues along with the female sprue? Its so that I have enough of those closed helmets so give around 20 of the male infantry enclosed helmets for an idea I have for them..... I am tempted with just getting rid of the female canonfodder and male canonfodder so I can have two more sprues for heads. They really need to make a separate upgrade sprue dedicated to enclosed helmets for death fields.

    Maybe I'll order some enclosed space helmets from another site later, but my plan is to give as many of my damned infantry enclosed helmets in order to give them a cultist astronaut from the cold depths of space. I know none of the bodies really fit a space suit vibe outside of the canonfodder. But....... okay I'm going to need some good tips for what good alt heads go on the Damned for the "they came from the cold depths of space" feel.

  • Recent explorator series from Anvil Industries have old school, round space helmets. They have slightly more heroic size BUT if we speak this theme it should work.

    Ooh raa has enclosed helmet. If you want as many helmets from your sprues, Oohra and female CF are the best. (6 bodies = many helmets)

  • @Drangir Yeah those seem like the best, don't know whether I want to dump bulldogs for more ooh rah and cannonfodder or not. I Einherjar are a must have. 5 sprues gives me a 10 man squad of squat guardsmen I might proxy as either cadians or krieg (probably the latter just like bulldogs), and possibly a 5 man tempestus scion squad.

  • @Charles Tottington Yeah more spacesuit types would be cool, given the Damned lore industral/astroid miner power armor spacesuit vibes would have been great for the power armor.

     I don't have a full plan for my 5 boxes persay unless the trucks magically get unlock (then at least 2 of those and at least 1 sprue of everything else😆), since I was just backing in the off chance the trucks did get unlocked and figured , but right now I have 2 boxes of male infantry, 1 box female infantry, 1 box of hounds (cuase they looked fun), and box of artillery basically cause I could not select it as a free sprue yesterday when I last edited my pledge.

    In addtion I have at least one to two sprues of everything else unlocked with a few already released things I don't have yet but am planning to get later anyways, so okay with swapping out if more gets unlocked.


  • One thing I had contemplated was getting some of the Digital Alien heads attached to some of my extra Damned, and go for an almost District 9 vibe

  • @Brian Van De Walker I've actually upgraded to a 10 box pledge by this point for the sake of more free sprues. I currently have 2 regular infantry boxes, 2 ogre boxes, 2 heavy weapons team boxes, 1 command squad box, 1 female infantry box, 1 hound box, and 1 artillery box.

    Then for free sprues I have 5 Einherjar, 5 Ooh Rahs, 2 female cannon fodder sprues and 3 male cannon fodder sprues, along with 6 cannon fodder weapons and upgrades sprues and 2 bulldogs. Along with a separate pledge of 2 base sets. Hopefully with the upcoming 240,000 benchmark I can add in an extra base set for 144 25mm bases (never can have too many).

    I'm hoping that before 5:00pm tomorrow the Heavy Infantry will unlock so I can replace either a heavy weapons team or an ogre box for those guys. Probably the heavy weapons team.

  • @Charles Tottington 

    Perhaps this?

  • @Charles Tottington 

    breather helmets type E ? from CP Models

    Mercs with Helmets

    A mecenary crew/squad made up of spare WA torsos and weapons. The one in the middle is a type E helmet (I got a mixed helmet sprue). CP do loads of Alien heads too.


  • @Charles Tottington There are also Pig Iron heads (LOT of enclosed helmets!)

  • @JTam @Dennis Horne @Alessio De Carolis 

    All these options look so great! Definately going to look into them.

  • @Charles Tottington There are other heads out there, including stuff from a scale insenstitve, highly litagative source that must never be mentioned by name.

    But Beware!

    Until you get plastic on your bench, none of these may be compatible with these Damned figures. Have patience, just assemble and paint a sprue of the basic infantry, then plan what to do with the rest- even putting the lot on e-Bay.


    BTW it may be a better deal to just get a box of space dwarves & use your free sprues in other ways,

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