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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


A New Poll, Results of an Old Poll, and New Releases!

A New Poll, Results of an Old Poll, and New Releases!

We've got a number of updates for you, a new poll, and the results of our last poll! 

We launched Atlantic Digital a few months ago on MyMiniFactory with a Tribe (MMF’s version of Patreon - ironically only about 3% of Patreons are miniatures related and almost all of them do their file distribution through MMF. We chose MMF because it was 100% miniatures focused). We now have grown to over 700 Tribe members who pay $10-12/month and receive a whopping number of files each month with something for each of our 11 ranges.

Other Patreons and Tribes have attracted thousands of members - One Page Rules just hit over 11,000! We know we are new to this game but we are impatient because the more members we sign up the more new stuff we can make! We want to know what we can do to get those of you who haven’t yet signed up to join the Tribe!


We also have the results from our poll to pick the theme for March - the Women have taken the top slot! Look for an all X chromosome month of March from us! 

And finally we've released some new sets on both MyMiniFactory (as digital files) and as printed resin models ready to ship at our shop on Only-Games! 



We're working on new hard plastic and more digital/printed releases now. Landsknecht Ogres and Harvesters are shipping out to customers in the US this week and en route to the UK and Australian warehouses. 

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TAPM113 - January 25, 2023

Personally, I only buy plastic and in retail shop (support FLGS, social aspect of shopping). Ordering online gives me the creeps.

Tribes is an AMAZING deal, and if I had a printer and the time to operate it….
But, I am trying to cut down on my plastic consumption to what I can actually CONCEIVE painting in my lifetime.
Tribes blows through that in a SINGLE month, and I am only interested in “Death Fields”.

NOW, should cheap 3D-printed packs make their way to FLGS shops early, hard and often….I can ensure you I will only buy WA, ever.
Your collaborative research ethics in the early plastic designs were amazing, and I want to cleave to people who produce to that standard.

Park Ranger Dave - January 25, 2023

I sincerely do enjoy the greater variety we can get from the MMF Tribes. Things like femme sculpts, historical indigenous people, and other minis that may not have the super high demand of the more typical “Medieval Heavily Armored” designs. Heck, the variety in designs is what brought me to WGA in the first place.

I do prefer to work with plastic, as I really enjoy the process of modeling a bunch of minis, attaching limbs, working with poses, etc. and I still need to learn programs like Blender to better work with STL files.

I’m not always interested in a given month, but sometimes just one or two releases come out that convince me to get the month’s worth of packs (The Medieval Peasants, French Resistance Women, and Maori Fighters were the kits that got me most excited this month if you were wondering)

I also just enjoy following yall on tribes anyway. Excited to see where things go!

If you were wondering, I used to do some work with indigenous communities in the Western US and it’s a lot easier to get folks interested in a miniatures game if they can use cool stuff from their own history, even if it’s just some conversion weapon and head bits to slap onto some Warhammer Minis to make them more Plains Warrior-y

Siôn Gowing - January 25, 2023

Since starting grad school, I haven’t had the time or motivation to keep my printer consistently operable – and usually prefer to only do small batches or items on it anyways (which I often sculpt myself)

Andy Thompson - January 25, 2023

I can see why people like Tribes but it’s not for me. I Ave no need for the most of the designs so I’d rather just buy the individual SLTs that I want.

Plus I’ll always prefer hard plastic to printed

JcDent - January 25, 2023

I’ve sold my 3D printer because it just allows me to print myself into more trouble than I already am in.

Alan Nelson - January 24, 2023

Who knew? This has put me over the edge on getting a printer. I have wanted one for some time and this is the proverbial feather.

Dude - January 24, 2023

Tribes IS a good deal, but I just don’t need every month’s releases and the ones I am interested in are just Death Fields related.

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