Wargames Atlantic Outsource

Before we could start Wargames Atlantic and make our first plastic set, we had to wade through years of misinformation about how plastic models are created, follow up on dozens of factory referrals, and do innumerable trial runs with sculptors and designers. It really was a years-long quest.
Here's the mold inserts for our Skeleton and Raumjäger sets.

We’ve built an incredible network of designers, sculptors, engineers, logistics people, and distributors that allow us to take our ideas from concept through design and engineering and culminate in a box of plastic miniatures on a shelf at your local friendly game shop.

Now that we’ve worked out all the kinks, and in partnership with Altera Industrial, we’d like to help you do it too. Introducing Wargames Atlantic Outsource.
We provide an end-to-end service for developing injection molded plastic. You have an idea, you may even have some concept art or sculpture. You want the gold standard: high impact polystyrene. We understand because we all know nothing compares to real hard plastic. 
Here's the main sprue from the Grognard set
There are 8 main steps to consider when developing a plastic kit:
1. Concept art/sculpting brief
2. Sculpting (traditional putty or digital) done with hard plastic tooling in mind (most miniature sculptors have no idea how to do this)
3. Part splits, layout, and mold engineering
4. Tooling
5. Injection Molding in the USA
6. Boxing (including painting, photography, copy, UPC codes, printing and packing) in the USA
7. Freight and customs/VAT
8. Distribution, sales, and fulfillment
We can help you navigate all of the above or just focus on the part that results in getting you plastic sprues ready for packaging. Having already worked with others and learned from our own mistakes, we're starting off by offering an inclusive service featuring:
A. Sculpting and engineering
B. Tooling*
C. Injection molding in the USA
D. Box design and printing in the USA
Pricing starts in the low five figures but is really dependent on the specific details of the project. A non-refundable deposit will be required to move beyond an initial conversation because we just don't have time to mess about. We have lots of our own projects being done at the same time. 
If you are serious and are looking for a manufacturing partner we are happy to help you. Use the contact form below to get in touch and tell us a little about your project.