Atlantic Digital

Wargames Atlantic has gone digital! We've partnered with MyMiniFactory to offer digital files along with a monthly Tribes subscription


For those of you with your own 3D printers or access to a service, please visit our page on MyMiniFactory to see our latest offerings or subscribe to our monthly service! 

Through our partnership with Only-Games we can now deliver high-quality high detail 3D printed resin parts to you of our Atlantic Digital offerings! 

Only-Games ships worldwide with very good postage rates as well: 


North America
EU (with IOSS)
Rest of the World £11.00

This is an exciting next step for us because it will allow us to release new products weekly for you. We'll be offering a mix of full multi-part figure sets, single piece figures and units, conversion parts, character figures, terrain, and vehicles. 

The next step (which is still a ways off) is to have all these new products available to order and ship with our hard plastic sets right from our own website. 


Items that are released through this channel may one day be in plastic as well! Let us know your favorites! 


Here's a look at our current crop of models: