Afghans! Flash Sale!

Afghans! Flash Sale!

For a very limited time we're offering our Afghan Warriors box set at a fabulous price! Only $25 (£20 in the UK) for 40 28mm hard plastic Afghan fighters! That's not all...

We also have even bigger savings with multi-buy deals! Check them out:

$25 / £20 usually $34.95 / £25!!
Multi-Buy Deals!
Buy 3 Boxes for $70/£55
Buy 5 Boxes for $100/£85
Buy 10 Boxes for $185/£150
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Laurent Fourcade - January 19, 2021

Tx’s for this box but it will be great to create an additional kit for modern afghans/Talibans : just hands holding AK47, RPG7 or PKM.
Best regards

Anders - October 31, 2020

Nice! Any ETA on when the afghan horse riders you showed a while back will be available?

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