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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


The Latest News for the Week Ending March 5th

The Latest News for the Week Ending March 5th

We've been a little quiet this week because we've been busy and there's so much going on. Here's a little rundown on things and some sneak previews too!

Last night we sent the final files for two new sets into tooling (they join seven others already in there) as we gear up for a bunch of new releases this spring and early summer. Three sculptors are hard at work on new ones including the Aztecs which we'll start to show off in the next two weeks. 

Artist Mark Stacey has started work for one of the next Iron-Core releases with this initial sketch: 

One of the sets that entered tooling had this in it: 

And it might have something to do with this: 

Artwork by Peter Dennis

A good chunk of our time has been spent working with developers on the website and our inventory systems and currencies. As you've seen here already we can now let you purchase and check out in your own local currency if you prefer it. 

We're also working on an order tagging and inventory management system that will make order tracking much more accurate for our three warehouses in Australia, the UK, and US. We've been growing pretty quickly and want to be able to stay on top of inventory so we don't run out of things (like Skeletons right now in the US and Dark Age Irish in the UK). Once this is in place and our forecasting models are updated - sometimes later this year we should never have a product out of stock again...maybe...hopefully!

And the best news is that all this behind the scenes work will give us more time to focus on making more plastic sets!

Lizardmen and Prussian Reserve are both at the docks in New York and Southampton so now it's just a matter of time before we have them in the warehouses. Shipping now in Australia. 

And French Resistance and British Riflemen are available worldwide now and all pre-orders have shipped out!

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Kilgore - March 5, 2021

Hi guys! Great work. Any word on the WW1/2 French?

Mark - March 5, 2021

Middle Imperial Romans!
So looking forward to these.

Ralph Hart - March 5, 2021

Just wanted to say how excited I am by the promise of late Romans – I’ll finally be able to plan my Battle of the XXX milestone from ‘Eagle in the Snow’. Are you planning any opponents yet?

Wargames Atlantic - March 5, 2021

Hi Loren – this set will be titled
We’ll have follow ups to them. The range will cover the Empire from roughly 250 to the fall. Although I suppose you can use some for Arthurians quite easily with the mix of heads in the set.

Loren - March 5, 2021

Out of curiosity, will there be any dacian campaign style lorica segmantata in the late Roman kit? Bodies like that seem to be hard to find earliest styles seen to be more popular) despite the fact that they, seem to me, are the most advanced armor in the West prior to the late medieval.

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