American Deliveries of New and Restock Products Imminent!

American Deliveries of New and Restock Products Imminent!

We've had some last minute good news here as we enter the weekend. Our shipping company has just let us know that our container is being unloaded at the railyard today in Atlanta and is expected to be ready for pickup on Monday or Tuesday next week. If all goes well that means that we can start shipping out Cannon Fodder, WW1/2 French, Goblins, and all the restocks (Le Grognards, Grognard Command Heavy Support, Giant Spiders, WW1 Germans, and Einherjar) later next week! This will cover customers in North and South America.
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HARRY BORCHARDT - November 25, 2021

I am into my first box of goodies, the roman dudes. GREAT details, and a bit of a learning time.
Found your stuff on amazon……NOW your sight, keep bring out the goodies

Y. Whateley - November 10, 2021


I’m starting to hear rumors of other industries, such as the clothing industry, moving production out of Asia and a little closer to home, due to rising labor costs compounding with the hidden costs associated with supply chains and shipping overseas (not to mention fair trade/labor and environmental concerns) – sounds like the miniature market was at the cutting edge of that movement. Good to see Wargames Atlantic working with American factories, I wish you success!

That’s great news,too, about some of the shipping bottlenecks finally loosening up enough that WA’s customers are starting to get their pre-orders fulfilled :)

Lucian - November 10, 2021

It will be good to finally get these sets. I ordered them in September. Just about the time I was wondering where the heck they were your company announced you were leaving China and that the freighter was bobbing around in the ocean somewhere. It was the top story in your news roll that day so I didn’t even have to send a query. Good luck with the new factories!

Lucian - November 9, 2021

Then I had best get all my Halloween stuff stowed away. Can’t have that out and get back to minis at the same time.

Benjamin Hayward - November 6, 2021

WoooHoooo! Gon’ gits me sum Cannon Fodder!!!!

D. Handley - November 6, 2021


FrankR - November 6, 2021

… you lucky guys… :-)

David Phillips - November 6, 2021

haha yes

Warren Goguen - November 6, 2021


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