Anton Reviews the British Riflemen

Anton Reviews the British Riflemen

Anton's Wargame Blog reviewed our new Napoleonic British Riflemen recently and for those of you who are curious about the set he's been very thorough. 

We particularly liked this comment: "Over the past few years the quality of the plastic soldier industry has gone from strength to strength, with this latest issue from Wargames Atlantic it may be approaching it's apogee, they are simply superb." Thanks Anton!

Read the full review here: Anton's Wargame Blog 

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Wargames Atlantic - March 8, 2021

Hi Robert if you have a look around the site you’ll see the WW1 French getting ready for release. British are next!

Robert Bailey - March 8, 2021

Your sets are quite impressive, very good quality. However what I would like to see is accompanying sets. for Example I purchased your WW1 Germans but there are no British, French or American sets. There isn’t anyone producing plastic sets for WW1, so this range is wide open. Victrix has some nice British WW1 prototypes but never followed through. Is there anything planned to fill this gap? Hope so, as you guys are top caliber in my opinion.


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